Optimal Route Based on Dynamic Programming for Road Networks
Switching Fuzzy Model Construction and Controller Design for Dynamical Systems with Input Nonlinearity
A Study on the Location Analysis Using Spatial Analysis and Ordered Weighted Averaging Operator Weighting Functions
Prototype Design of Decision Supports for GRID Clearinghouse Service Framework
A Data Mining Approach to Rainfall Intensity Classification Using TRMM/TMI Data
Recognition of Traffic Signs and Korean Texts on Traffic Signs Using Japanese Puzzle
Implementation of Humanoid Robot Arm Based on SERCOS Network
Concept of Humatronics and its Application to Human-Robot Communication Support Under TV Watching Environment
Position Uncertainty Reduction of Mobile Robot Based on DINDs in Intelligent Space
Selected Papers from ISIS 2007
An Evolutionary Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm for Computational Grids
Time Related Association Rules Mining with Attributes Accumulation Mechanism and its Application to Traffic Prediction
Fuzzy c-Means for Data with Rectangular Maximum Tolerance Range
Formulation of Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Using Calculus of Variations and Twofold Membership Clusters
Algorithms for Sequential Extraction of Clusters by Possibilistic Method and Comparison with Mountain Clustering
Fuzzy c-Means Algorithms Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence and Helliger Distance Based on Multinomial Manifold
A Behavioral Decision Model Based on Fuzzy Targets in Decision Making Using Weather Information
Rough Sets Based Rule Generation from Data with Categorical and Numerical Values
Container Loading for Nonorthogonal Objects: Detecting Collisions
Favoring Consensus and Penalizing Disagreement in Group Decision Making
Axiomatization of Shapley Values of Fagle and Kern Type on Set Systems
Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence
Comparative Association Rules Mining Using Genetic Network Programming (GNP) with Attributes Accumulation Mechanism and its Application to Traffic Systems
Trading Rules on Stock Markets Using Genetic Network Programming with Sarsa Learning
Effect of Genetic Encoding on Evolution of Efficient Neural Controllers
An Optimized Multi-Output Fuzzy Logic Controller for Real-Time Control
Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches for Forecasting Electrical Load Using Additional Moving Average Window Data Filter on Takagi-Sugeno Type MISO Networks
Performance Analysis of Container Unloading Operations at the Port of Suva Using a Simplified Analytical Model (SAM)
Implementation of a Real-Time FPGA-Based Intelligent Parallel Parking System
Helicopter Motion Control Using Model-Based Sliding Mode Controller
Mobile Robot Navigation Using Open Computer Vision with Fuzzy Controller
An Integrated Algorithm for Autonomous Navigation of a Mobile Robot in an Unknown Environment
Selected Papers from HNICEM 2007
Reduction Models in Competitive Learning Founded on Distortion Standards
Fuzzy Inference based Mentality Expression for Eye Robot in Affinity Pleasure-Arousal Space
RBF Networks Ensemble Construction based on Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization
H Filtering Approach for GSM Navigation Systems
Evolving Particle Swarm Optimization Implemented by a Genetic Algorithm
A Unified Approach to Planning Versatile Motions for an Autonomous Digital Actor
An Efficient DCT-Based Image Retrieval Approach Using Distance Threshold Pruning
Design and Implementation of Combinatorial Game Calculator
Hybrid GPS/GSM Positioning Systems Design with Fuzzy Logic
An Approach to Improve Estimation Performance of GM(1,1) Model
Rain-Area Identification Using TRMM/TMI Data by Data Mining Approach
Supporting the Translation and Authoring of Test Items with Techniques of Natural Language Processing
A Dual Ternary Indexing Approach for Music Retrieval System
A Combination of Shuffled Frog-Leaping Algorithm and Genetic Algorithm for Gene Selection
Selected Papers from TAAI 2006
A Universal Autonomous Robot Navigation Method
State Dependant Anytime Control Methodology for Non-Linear Systems

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