Joint Attention Between a Human Being and a Partner Robot Based on Computational Intelligence
Graph/Knot Theoretical Analysis and Generation for Impossible Figures
State-Transition Computation Models and Program Correctness Thereon
Distance Field Model Concept for Space Representation
A Model of Hierarchical Knowledge Representation – Toward Knowware for Intelligent Systems
Robust Non-Overshoot Time Responses Using Cascade Sliding Mode-PID Control
Intelligent Help System that Synchronizes Application Software Operation: Toward Intelligent Tailor-Made Information Provision
A Qualitative Model for Service Oriented Computing
An Iterative Approach for Fuzzy Clustering Based on Feature Significance
Space Invariant Independent Component Analysis and ENose for Detection of Selective Chemicals in an Unknown Environment
Effective Multiple Vector Quantization for Image Compression
Unexploded Ordnance Detection Using Region of Interest in Range Domain of Ground Penetrating Radar
A Robotic Auditory System that Interacts with Musical Sounds and Human Voices
Selected Papers from InTech’05
Predictive Control of Harmonic Drive in Automotive Application
Semi-Supervised Pattern Classification Utilizing Fuzzy Clustering and Nonlinear Mapping of Data
Double-Deck Elevator Group Supervisory Control System Using Genetic Network Programming with Ant Colony Optimization with Evaporation
Generalized Predictive Control in Flying Shear Equipment
Arbitrary-Shaped Cluster Separation Using One-Dimensional Data Mapping and Histogram Segmentation
Estimation of Protein Function Using Optimized Finite State Automaton Based on Accumulated Amino Acid Residue Scores
Computational Intelligence in Circuit Synthesis
Feedback Control of an Inverted Pendulum by Use of Artificial Intelligence
Supporting Lifecycle Management of Product Data by Organized Descriptions and Behavior Definitions of Engineering Objects
Research on the Sheepdog Problem Using Cellular Automata
Optimization of Genetic Operators for Scheduling Problems
Application of Fractional Calculus in the Control of Heat Systems
Experimental Signal Analysis of Robot Impacts in a Fractional Calculus Perspective
Fractional Control of Coordinated Manipulators
Comparison of Fractional Robust- and Fixed Point Transformations- Based Adaptive Compensation of Dynamic Friction
Special Issue on IEEE-ICCC 2006
Use of Fuzzy Neural Network in Diagnosing Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis Based on Dental Panoramic Radiographs
Forest and Field Fire Search System Using MODIS Data
Downsized Evolutionary Video Processing for Lips Tracking and Data Acquisition
Towards Building Secure Smart Spaces for Information Security in the Physical World
A Proposal of a Language-Based Context-Sensitive Programming System
Anthropomorphization Framework for Human-Object Communication
Training of Agent Positioning Using Human’s Instruction
Acquisition of Behavioral Patterns Depends on Self-Embodiment Based on Robot Learning Under Multiple Instructors
Realization of Rapid Movement for Legged Entertainment Robots Using Two New Actuators, the Inertia Actuator and the Cam Charger
A Hybrid Learning Strategy for Real Hardware of Swing-Up Pendulum
Motion Overlap for a Mobile Robot to Express its Mind
Particle Swarm Optimization for Jump Height Maximization of a Serial Link Robot
The Design of Central Pattern Generators Based on the Matsuoka Oscillator to Generate Rhythmic Human-Like Movement for Biped Robots
Hardware Feedback Self-Organizing Map and its Application to Mobile Robot Location Identification
Soft-Target-Based Predictive Fuzzy Control for a Cart-Pendulum System with Dynamic Constraints
Adjustability of Neural Networks with Variant Connection Weights for Obstacle Avoidance in an Intelligent Wheelchair
Fuzzy Activity Network Method for Project Scheduling Under Resource Constraints
Evolution and Learning Mediated by Differences in Developmental Timing
Fuzzy Clustering Based on Total Uncertainty Degree
A Joint-Receipt Conjoint Structure and its Additive Representation

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