Multiclassification by Double-Negative Aggregation of SVM Membership
Machine Learning: Automated Knowledge Acquisition Based on Unsupervised Neural Network and Expert System Paradigms
Definition of an Offshore Petroleum Production System by Using Fuzzy Sets and Utility Functions
Knowledge Representation of Architectural Design by Using IBIS-FRS System
Robust Tuning of PID Controller Using Bacterial-Foraging-Based Optimization
Lattice Structure of D, T, and SR Fuzzy Flip-Flops Under Max-Min Logic
Visual Perception for a Partner Robot Based on Computational Intelligence
Adaptive Touch Panel User Interface by Type-Based Approach Using Particle Filters
An Interactive System with Facial Expression Recognition
Plant Recognition by Integrating Color and Range Data Obtained Through Stereo Vision
Evolutionary Optimisation for Obstacle Detection and Avoidance in Mobile Robotics
Improved Debt Rating Model Using Choquet Integral
SONIA-Based Decision Neural Network for Preference Assessment with Incomplete Comparisons
Adaptive Vector Quantization with Creation and Reduction Grounded in the Equinumber Principle
Competitive Learning with Fast Neuron-Insertion
Improved MLP Learning via Orthogonal Bipolar Target Vectors
Selected Papers from ISCIIA’04
Improving Text Categorization by Multicriteria Feature Selection
Traces of Fuzzy Relations Under Dual Operations
Case-Based Reasoning in Web Break Sensitivity Evaluation in a Paper Machine
A Comparison of Differential Evolution and Generalized Generation Gap Model
Approximation by Growing Radial Basis Function Networks Using the Differential-Evolution-Based Algorithm
Fuzzy Logic and Differential Evolution Based Expert System for Defining Top Athlete’s Aerobic and Anaerobic Thresholds
Identification of Numerically Accurate First-Order Takagi-Sugeno Systems with Interpretable Local Models from Data
Stability Issues with Classifier Using Lukasiewicz Similarity and Modified Schweizer & Sklar Equations
Level Sets as a Topological Base Applied to Subgroups of a Group of Moebius Transformations
On Lukasiewicz Modifier Logic
Properties of Rough Approximations
A Selection Model with Linguistically Expressed Objectives
From Basic Research to Applications
Some Characterizations of k-Monotonicity Through the Bipolar Möbius Transform in Bi-Capacities
Semiatoms in Choquet Integral Models of Multiattribute Decision Making
Identification of Fuzzy Measures with Distorted Probability Measures
Fuzzy Least Squares Regression Analysis for Social Judgment Study
Statistical Image Analysis of Psychological Projective Drawings
Feasibility Study on Marketing Research Using Eye Movement: An Investigation of Image Presentation Using an “Eye Camera” and Data Processing
“Heart and Mind” Evaluation
Genetic Network Programming for Automatic Program Generation
Maintenance of Building Blocks in GA Using Symbiotic Evolutionary Viruses
Human Intent Description in Environment Adaptive Product Model Objects
Roby-Go, a Prototype for Cooperating MiroSOT Soccer-Playing Robots
Analogy Based Methodology for Complex Adaptive Production Network Modelling
About Fractional Calculus of Singular Lagrangians
A Unified Framework for Dynamics and Lyapunov Stability of Holonomically Constrained Rigid Bodies
Fractional-Order Position/Force Robot Control
Utilization of Neural Networks for Error Reduction of Elastomagnetic Sensors
An Island-Based Evolution Algorithm for Discrete-Continuous Scheduling with Continuous Resource Discretisation
Left Ventricle Wall Motion Analysis Using MRI Tagging
On the Design and Structure of Artificial Eyes for Tracking Tasks
Fault-Tolerant Compensation of the Propagation Delay for Hard Real-Time Systems

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