Color Instance-Based Reasoning and its Application to Dynamic Image Restoration Under Low Luminance Conditions
Hierarchical Concept Structures Based Data Retrieval/Mining by Fuzzy Document Ordering System
Separability Conditions for Multilayer Nets Having Solutions and Convergent Superiority of Bipolar Nets
Studies on Effects of Initialization on Structure Formationand Generalization of Structural Learning with Forgetting
Single-Channel Noise Reduction for Multiple Background Noises Using Perceptual Wavelet Packet Transform and Fuzzy Logic
Leeway Prediction of Oceanic Disastrous Target via Support Vector Regression
Comparison of Linguistic and Regular Hard C-Means in Postoperative Patient Data
Weighted Similarity Classifier Using Differential Evolution and Genetic Algorithm in Weight Optimization
Accelerated Genetic Programming for Intelligent Fuzzy Robots
A Fast Dynamic Full-Text Search Method Using Efficient Block Management Structure
Application of Kernel Trick to Fuzzy c-Means with Regularization by K-L Information
Special Issue on Selected Papers from InTech’03
Sliding Mode Robot Control with Friction and Payload Estimation
Possibilities for Application of Associative Objects with Built-in Intelligence in Engineering Modeling
Kalman-Filter Based Control and Performance Monitoring Systems
New Method of Program Selection in Digital TV Receivers and its Evaluation by Users
A Test Model for Hardware and Software Systems
A Combined Solution of the Inverse Kinematic Task in the Vicinity of the Singularities
Evolutionary Design of Combinational Logic Circuits
Development of Fuzzy Controllers with Dynamics Regarding Stability Conditions and Sensitivity Analysis
Energy-Conservative Algorithm for the Numerical Solution of Initial-Value Hamiltonian System Problems
Anytime System Scheduler for Insufficient Resource Availability
Microstatistic Multi-User Detection Receiver
Learning from Examples and Comparing Models of Human Motion
Motion-Based Template Matching for Obstacle Detection
Translated Multiplicative Neuron: An Extended Multiplicative Neuron that can Translate Decision Surfaces
Concept-Based Interactive Brainstorming in Engineering Design
Computational Cybernetics
A Fuzzy Approach for Modelling the Effects of Noise Pollution on Human Performance
Reliability Optimization Problems Using Adaptive Hybrid Genetic Algorithms
Fault Detection of Induction Motors Using Fourier and Wavelet Analysis
Development of an Automatic Tunneling Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Logic for the Microtunneling System
A Proposal of GA Using Symbiotic Evolutionary Viruses and its Virus Evaluation Techniques
A Study on Supplier Evaluation and Selection Method Based on Dependence
Expert-Knowledge Gating Mechanism in the Hierarchical Modular System
Safe Mobility System Cooperating with Human in Collaboration with Cyber City
Simultaneous Application of Fuzzy Clustering and Quantification with Incomplete Categorical Data
Intelligent Logo Watermarking Based on Independent Component Analysis
Recognition of Car License Plates Using Morphological Information and SOM Algorithm
Fuzzy Aggregation Method Using Fisherface and Wavelet Decomposition for Face Recognition
A Fuzzification of Morphological Wavelets Based on Fuzzy Relational Calculus and its Application to Image Compression/Reconstruction
Design and Analysis of Probe Detection Systems for TCP Networks
Fuzzy Descriptor System Modeling and Control of Lagrange Dynamics with Regional Pole-Placement Constraint
Co-Evolution of Fuzzy Controller for the Mobile Robot Control
Intelligent Soft Driving System for a Four-Wheeled Electric Vehicle Eluding Dynamic Obstacles
Special Issue on Papers Selected in ISIS & SCIS 2003
Solving Truck Delivery Problems Using Integrated Evaluation Criteria Based on Neighborhood Degree and Evolutionary Algorithm
Novel Approach to Decision-Tree Construction
Position Control of Direct-Drive Robot Manipulators with PMAC Motors Using Enhanced Fuzzy PD Control
Intelligent Sensor Fusion in Robotic Prosthetic Eye System

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