New Error Diffusion Using Fuzzy Threshold Control
Phase Transitions in Fuzzy Clustering Based on Fuzzy Entropy
Fuzzy Inference Methods Employing T-norm with Threshold and Their Implementation
A Novel Parallel Model for Self-Organizing Map and its Efficient Implementation on a Data-Driven Multiprocessor
Temporal Abstraction for Long-Term Test Changes in the Hepatitis Domain
Fuzzy Modeling for Modifying Standard Prescriptions of Oriental Traditional Medicine
Intelligent Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Using Immune Fuzzy Fusion
Hybrid Probabilistic Models of Fuzzy and Rough Events
Reordering Adaptive Directed Acyclic Graphs for Multiclass Support Vector Machines
Integration of Syntactic Analysis and Semantic Interpretation Based on Equivalent Transformation
The Fuzzy Description Logic ALCFH with Hedge Algebras as Concept Modifiers
Real Time Adaptive Color Segmentation for Mars Landing Site Identification
A Recursively Axiomatizable Subsystem of Levesque’s Logic of Only Knowing
Analysis of a Method Improving Reinforcement Learning Agents’ Policies
Modeling and Analysis of Genetic Algorithms Based on the Viewpoint of Mixture Systems
How to Make Programs from Problem Descriptions in the Equivalent Transformation Paradigm
Some Preliminary Results on the Stableness of Extended F-rule Systems
Special Issue on Intelligent Technologies, Fuzzy Systems and Applications
High-quality Multi-level Error Diffusion Method Employing Fuzzy Inference
Properties of Interval Truth Values with Certainty Factor
Processing Technical Daily Reports in Offshore Petroleum Engineering – An Experience
A New Communication Method Using Natural Language as a Computer Communication Protocol
Fuzzy Traffic Controller in Ramp Metering of Urban Expressway
A Sequential Method for Combining Random Utility Model and Fuzzy Inference Model
Interactive 3-D Segmentation of the Frontal Lobe in 3.0T IR-FSPGR MR Images Using Fuzzy Rule-Based ACM
Synergetic Stereo Matching Algorithm for Occlusion and Reversal Position
An Indiscernibility-Based Clustering Method with Iterative Refinement of Equivalence Relations -Rough Clustering-
Fuzzy Information Granules: a Compact, Transparent and Efficient Representation
Fuzzy Microaggregation for Microdata Protection
Electricity Demand and Price Analysis in California Using Possibility Regression Model
A Powerful Neural Network Method with Digital-contract Hints for Pricing Complex Options
Psychological and Social Effects of Robot-assisted Activity in the Elderly Robot-assisted at Health Service Facilities
Automatic Generation of Expressive Body Movement Based on Cohen-kestenberg Lifelike Motion Stereotypes
Obstacle Avoidance for Quadruped Robots Using a Neural Network
A Study on a Foraging Behavior of Interacting Simple Robots
Response Control of Variable Stiffness Structure Using Electromagnetic Clutch
Adaptive Fuzzy Control of One Linear Actuator Hopping Robot
Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a SISO Nonlinear System
Cardinal-Probabilistic Interaction Indices and their Applications: A Survey
Modifier Logics Based on Graded Modalities
Selected Papers from SCIS & ISIS 2002
GMP Based Fuzzy Reasoning: An Application to Sonar Based Navigation
Fuzzy Three-valued Switching Functions Using Choquet Integral
An Agent System Using Basic Emotions as Communication Method
A Fuzzy Inference System for Identifying Tissue Elasticity Using Ultrasound
Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Using Kernel Functions in Support Vector Machines
Algorithms of Hard c-Means Clustering Using Kernel Functions in Support Vector Machines
Acquisition of Knowledge for Gymnastic Bar Action by Active Learning Method
Effective Use of Learning Knowledge by FEERL
Query Expansion Using Conceptual Fuzzy Sets for Search Engines

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