A Study on Deriving a Method for Chromosome Similarities Suitable for the Search Space
Sigma-Pi Cascade Extended Hybrid Neural Network
A Method for Recognizing and Separating Trademark Image Outer Frames
State Feedback Stabilization in Nonlinear Time-Delay Systems
Implementing Fuzzy Learning Algorithms in a 6 DOF Hydraulic Parallel Link Manipulator: Control with Actuators’ Forces Fuzzy Compensation
Kinematic Robustness of Manipulating Systems
Online Neofuzzy Neuron Flux Observer for Induction Motor Drives
Contribution to Creation of Complex System Macrosituations
Modeling Photon Counting Experiments using Fuzzy Logic Controller
Application of Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology with Adaptive Structuring Elements to Seal Defect Testing
Decentralized Robust Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Design of Interconnected Uncertain System
Difference in Areas of the Brain for Fuzzy and Crisp Calculation
Developing Case-based Reasoning System for Medical Consultation Using the Importance of Features
Approximate Data Querying in Fuzzy Relational Database
Leaning Causal Models with Conditional Causal Probabilities from Data
Reinforcement Leaning of Fuzzy Control Rules with Context-Specitic Segmentation of Actions
Effective Linear Calculational Method for Nonlinear Optimization with a Convex Polyhedral Objective Function and Linear Constraints
Fuzzy Relation with Thresholds and Applications
Selected Papers VJFUZZY’2001

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