Tracking Control of Variable Structure System Using Variable Boundary Layer
Application of Cooperative Control to Petroleum Plants Using Fuzzy Supervisory Control and Model Predictive Multi-variable Control
Toward a Bioinspired Fusion of Color and Infrared Textural Image Information
Fuzzy Difference Equations: The Initial Value Problem
Intelligent Hybrid System: A Reliability-Based Failure Management Application
Results of Bias-variance Tests on Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Networks
Human Versus Robotic Shoulder Motion
A HiLog Journey from a Classical Dictionary to Hypertext Structure (via the Grammar, of course)
Implementing Discrete-time Fractional-order Controllers
Virtual Technology Based Associative Integration of Modeling of Mechanical Parts
Experiments with Force Control of Redundant Robots in Unstructured Environment Using Minimal Null-space Formulation
Symplectic Geometry Based Simple Algebraic Possibilities for Developing Adaptive Control for Mechanical Systems
Semi-stratified Motion Planning of Multi-agent Manipulation
Selected Papers INES2000
A Fuzzy CDS-based Scheduling Algorithm for More Than Two Machine Centers
Evolving Basis Function Networks for System Identification
Evolving Neurofuzzy System by Hybrid Soft Computing Approaches for System Identification
Applying AHP to Preference Analysis by Dynamic Judgment-A Study of Adaptation and Identification of Odor
Multiagent Architecture Combined with a Multicontract Protocol for FMS Control
Rule Extraction from Fuzzy Neural Networks FuNN: A Method and a Real-World Application
An Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering Technique for Traffic Prediction of Packet-switched Networks
Application of Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Bridges
Answering Null Queries by Analogical Reasoning on Similarity-based Fuzzy Relational Databases
Application of SOM-Based Fuzzy Systems in Voltage Security Margin Estimation
Chu Spaces: Towards New Foundations for Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Control, with Applications to Information Flow on the World Wide Web
Capital Budgeting with Multiple Criteria and Multiple Decision Makers: A Fuzzy Approach
Application of Fuzzy Set Theory and DEA Model to Evaluating Production Efficiency for Taipei City Bus Company
Selected Papers from IFSA’99
Intelligent Consultant
Approximate Reasoning for Processing Uncertainty
Fuzzification of Kolmogorov Theorem
Fast Iterative Solving Method of Various Types of Fuzzy Relational Equations and its Application to Image Reconstruction
Advanced Robot Control Algorithms Based on Fuzzy, Neural and Genetic Methods
Fuzzy Control Using Piecewise Linear Membership Functions Based on Knowledge of Tuning a PID Controller
A New Fuzzy Controller for Stabilizing Inverted Pendulums Based on Single Input Rule Modules Dynamically Connected Fuzzy Inference Model
Optimizing and Learning Algorithm for Feed-forward Neural Networks
Information Processing Based on Mixed – Classical and Fuzzy – Data Models
Rank-Based Multiple Classifier Decision Combination: A Theoretical Study
An Innovative Way to Measure the Quality of a Neural Network Without the Use of a Test Set
Inference Algorithm Independent SVD Fuzzy Rule Base Complexity Reduction
Speech Noise Cancellation Based on a Neuro-Fuzzy System: Further Improvements
Evolutionary Nonlinear Multimodel Partitioning Filters
Anytime Evaluation of Regression-Type Algorithms
Special Issue on Selected Papers WISP’99

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