Topic-based Intelligent Support System for Information Retrieval
Image Retrieval using Conceptual Fuzzy Sets
Deep Fusion of Computational and Symbolic Intelligent Processing by Symbol Emergence
Robotic System based on Computational Intelligence – Evolutionary Generation of Regrasping Motion
Kansei Information Processing in Multimedia Applying Intelligent Soft Computing Techniques
Implementation of Fuzzy Legal Expert System FLES
Improving the Approximation Smoothness of Radial Basis Neural Networks
Indexing Visual Features Using a Hybrid Neural Network
Fuzzy Control of Back-Propagation Training
A Methodology for Developing Adaptive Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Decision Support
Multimedia Information Compression Technologies
Support System for Multimedia Information Data Acquisition Based on Fuzzy Inference with a Fuzzy Shift
Fuzzy Flip-Flops and their Applications to Fuzzy Memory Element and Circuit Design using FPGA
Rule Reduction and Robust Control of Generalized Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems
Design of Diagnosis System for Insulation Degradation by Using Neurofuzzy Model
Type-2 Fuzzy Hypergraphs Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
A Fuzzy Rule Extraction Method for ANFIS Using CFCM and Fuzzy Equalization
Self-Learning Fuzzy Logic Controller using Q-Learning
New 2-DOF PID Controller Tuning by Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System for Gas Turbine Control System
Dynamic Multidimensional Wavelet Neural Network and Its Application
IRIS Data Classification Using Tolerant Rough Sets1
Design of a Single-input Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller using a Switching Hyperplane
Fuzzy Logic and Intelligence System
Trajectory Tracking Control of Unconstrained Object Using the SIRMs Dynamically Connected Fuzzy Inference Model
Learning M-of-N Concepts for Medical Diagnosis Using Neural Networks
Complexity Minimalization of Nonsingleton-based Fuzzy-Neural Network
Simultaneous Optimization of the External Loop Parameters in an Adaptive Control Based on the Co-operation of Uniform Procedures
Emerging Intelligent Technologies in Computer-Aided Engineering
Approach to Scheduling Problem Solution in Production Systems Using the Multiagent System
Cluster Analysis as a First Step in the Knowledge Discovery Process
System Architecture for Support of Knowledge Management
Similarity Relations in Diagnosis Fuzzy Systems
ARTMAP Neural Networks for Multispectral Image Classification
Intelligent Engineering Systems
An Efficient Neural Network Model for Path Planning of Car-like Robots in Dynamic Environment
Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Control of an IPM Synchronous Motor Drive
Classification of Volumetric Storm Cell Patterns
Neural Network Based Power Flow Predictor
Application of Fuzzy Control to a Riderless Bicycle
Fuzzy Time-Series Model of Electric Power Consumption
Sampling Research on Advanced Computational Intelligence in Canada
Vehicles Dispatching Problem for Cooperative Deliveries from Multiple Depots
Knowledge Based Automated Boundary Detection for Qualifying of LV Function in Low Contrast Angiographic Images
An Adaptive Penalty Function Method for Constrained Optimization with Evolutionary Programming
Multiple Lagrange Multiplier Method for Constrained Evolutionary Optimization
Uneven Input Space Division and Balance of Generality and Conciseness of Submodels for Hierarchical Fuzzy Modeling
A Reinforcement Learning Scheme of Fuzzy Rules with Reduced Conditions
Pattern and Feature Selection by Genetic Algorithms in Nearest Neighbor Classification
Application of Genetic Algorithm and K-Nearest Neighbour Method in Real World Medical Fraud Detection Problem
Simulated Evolution and Learning

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