Quality Function for Unsupervised Classification and its Use in Graphic Arts
Neurofuzzy Approach to Fault Detection of Nonlinear Systems
Narrowing Algorithm for Indoor-Air Pollutants using Gas Sensor Patterns
Fuzzy Control of a Direct Current Motor System and Stability Analysis
Null Queries with Compound Fuzzy Attributes
Fuzzy Sets of Type-2
Realization of PID Control by Fuzzy Inference and its Application to Hybrid Control
Probabilistic Learning-Network-Based Robust Control Scheme for Nonlinear Systems
Emotional Robotic System with Psychological Model
Adaptive Reinforcement Learning Integrating Exploitation-and Exploration-oriented Learning
Determining the Optimal Number of Clusters by an Extended RPCL Algorithm
An Evolutionary Algorithm for Optimizing Handwritten Numeral Templates Represented by Rational B-Spline Surfaces
Evolving Cooperative Groups Using Shared Memory
Speaker Verification with Fuzzy Fusion and Genetic Optimization
Design of Self-Learning Hierarchical Fuzzy Logic for Guidance and Control of Multirobot Systems
Enhancement of Eyeround Images Based on an Improved Fuzzy Algorithm
Introduction to the Special Issue on Learning in Intelligent Algorithms and Systems Design
Improvement of Control Performance for Low-Dimensional Number of Fuzzy Labeling Using Simplified Inference
Neural Network-Based Speed Control of A Two-Mass-Model System
Coevolutionary Algorithms for Realization of Intelligent Systems
Fuzzy Cognitive Map Approach to Process Control Systems Chrysostomos
Dynamic Service Identification in A Distributed Environment
Assessing the Relevance of Processing Building Blocks in Evolutionary Computation: Experiments with Linear Systems of Equations
Linguistic Rule Extraction from Numerical Data for High-dimensional Classification Problems
Fuzzy Modeling with Local and Global Objectives
A New Framework for Fuzzy Modeling Using Genetic Algorithm
Fuzzy Rule Acquisition from Trained Artificial Neural Networks
Hybrid Neural-global Minimization Method of Logical Rule Extraction
Rule Extraction by Structural Learning with an Immediate Critic
Rule Extraction from Data
Tracking Control of Variable Structure Using Fuzzy Variable Boundary Layer
Local Representation Neural Networks for Feature Selection
Moving Genetic Algorithm Based Fuzzy Modeling
Control of Decentralized Systems Based on Nash Equilibrium Concept of Game Theory
LimNet-Flexible Learning Network Containing Linear Properties
SIRMs Connected Fuzzy Inference Model Applied to Process Control — Automatic Tuning Using a Genetic Algorithm Carla Cavalcante
Compensatory Multicriteria Aggregation Algorithm
A Classifier Based on Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Ernest
Car Type/Name Recognition System Based on The Concept of Fixation
Theories of Set and Logic with Crisp or Fuzzy Information Granules
Conceptual Fuzzy Matching and the Realization of Search Agents
Fuzzy Neural Models Based on Some New Fuzzy* Arithmetic Operations
Temporal Event Association and Output-Dependent Learning: A Proposed Scheme of Neural Molecular Connections
Emergence of Learning Rule in Neural Networks Using Genetic Programming Combined with Decision Trees
Knowledge Extraction from Unknown Environment by Artificial-life Approach
Professor Ernest Czogala Memorial Issue Part 2
Utility Revision Mechanism Based on User’s Subjective Decision Hierarchy for Multiagent-Based Group Decision Support
Self-Tuning for Fuzzy Rule Generation Based upon Fuzzy Singleton-type Reasoning Method
Knowledge-Based Approach in Intelligent Handwritten Form Processing
Behavior Generation for Mobile Robot Coordinating Simple Behavior

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