Extending Learning Feasibility Through Feedforward Sequential Learning
Local Learning Algorithms for Sequential Tasks in Neural Networks
Evolutionary and Heuristic Approaches for the Selection of Neural Network Architectures and Parameters1
A Novel Penalty Function Approach to Constrained Optimization Problems with Genetic Algorithms
An Adaptive Self-Organizing Algorithm with Virtual Connection
The ECOS Framework and the ECO Learning Method for Evolving Connectionist Systems
Neuronal and Hemodynamic Events from fMRI Time-Series
Self-organization in Cortical Maps & EM-learning
Self-Organization and Adaptation in Intelligent Systems
Stable-Optimum Gain Tuning for Designing Mobile Robot Controllers Using Incest Prevented Evolution
Placement Time Optimization of Chip Mounter by Genetic Algorithms – Search for Optimal Tape Feeder Arrangement –
An Intelligent Automatic Surveillance System via Fuzzy Rule Base System and Genetic Algorithms
Fuzzy Flexible-Flow Shops at Two Machine Centers
RasID – Random Search for Neural Network Training
Generation of Fuzzy Rules from Decision Trees
Fuzzy Reasoning with Tunable t-Operators
Intelligent Computer Methods for Modeling of Manufacturing Processes and Human Intent
ViSe2 – An Agent-Based Expert Consulting System with Efficient Cooperation
Common-sense Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, and its Application to Face Detection
Improved Fuzzy and Neural Network Algorithms for Word Frequency Prediction in Document Filtering
Some Applications of Soft Computing Methods in System Modeling and Control
CapRe: a Gaze Tracking System in Man-machine Interaction
Intelligent Control for Container Terminal AGV
Intelligent Engineering Systems
Fuzzy Inference of Time Adjustment in Multimedia Information Acquisition
Fuzzy Modeling by Occupancy Degree and Optimal Partition of Projection Using Rough Set Theory
Computing Higher Order Derivatives in Universal Learning Networks
The Mutate and Spread Metaheuristic
Flowgraph Editor for Legal Articles
Natural Language Generation for Legal Expert System and Visualization of Generation Process
A Framework for Nonmonotonic Reasoning with Rule Priorities
CPF as a Tool for Constructing a Legal Knowledge Base
Logical Structure of Contract Law System – For Constructing a Knowledge Base of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods –
AI and Law (2)

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