Trajectory Generation for Redundant Manipulator using Virus-Evolutionary Genetic Algorithm with Subpopulations
Learning and Transfer of Human Real-Time Control Strategies
Towards the Systematization of the Japanese Maritime Traffic Law
Reasoning about Dynamic Preferences in Circumscriptive Theory by Logic Programming
Legal Reasoning Using Abductive Logic Programming
Attacking Legal Argument by Pointing Out the Incoherence of Interpretation of Statute
Statutory Interpretation by Case-Based Reasoning through Abductive Logic Programming
An Application of Fuzzy Theory to the Case-Based Reasoning of the CISG
“Legal Expert” Project
Special Issue on AI and Law
Pattern Recognition & Image Understanding based on Fuzzy Technology
Mission Planning and Flight Control: Meeting the Challenge with Intelligent Techniques
Fuzzy Modeling based Approach to Facial Expressions Understanding
Fuzzy Temporal Methods for Video Multimedia Information Systems
An Efficient Method for Extracting Fuzzy Classification Rules from High Dimensional Data
SIRMs (Single Input Rule Modules) Connected Fuzzy Inference Model
Fuzzy Inference Based Connection Admission Control in ATM Networks
Vehicle Control Based on Fuzzy Evaluation Knowledge Obtained by Coefficients of the ARMA Model
Toward Everyday Language Computing – Computing from a Viewpoint of Linguistic Theory –
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