Joint Attention Between a Human Being and a Partner Robot Based on Computational Intelligence
Graph/Knot Theoretical Analysis and Generation for Impossible Figures
State-Transition Computation Models and Program Correctness Thereon
Distance Field Model Concept for Space Representation
A Model of Hierarchical Knowledge Representation – Toward Knowware for Intelligent Systems
Robust Non-Overshoot Time Responses Using Cascade Sliding Mode-PID Control
Intelligent Help System that Synchronizes Application Software Operation: Toward Intelligent Tailor-Made Information Provision
A Qualitative Model for Service Oriented Computing
An Iterative Approach for Fuzzy Clustering Based on Feature Significance
Space Invariant Independent Component Analysis and ENose for Detection of Selective Chemicals in an Unknown Environment
Effective Multiple Vector Quantization for Image Compression
Unexploded Ordnance Detection Using Region of Interest in Range Domain of Ground Penetrating Radar
A Robotic Auditory System that Interacts with Musical Sounds and Human Voices
Selected Papers from InTech’05

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