Robust Cell Image Segmentation via Improved Markov Random Field Based on a Chinese Restaurant Process Model
Visual Servoing with Deep Learning and Data Augmentation for Robotic Manipulation
POI Classification Method Based on Feature Extension and Deep Learning
A Heuristic Lowest Unknown-Degree Target Search Strategy Under Non-Structured Environment for Multi-Agent Systems
Sliding Mode Control of Lateral Semi-Active Suspension of High-Speed Train
Dynamic-Event-Based Fault Detection for Markov Jump Systems Under Hidden-Markov Mode Observation
Design and Analysis of New Asynchronous Motor Type for Electric Vehicle
Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based on Drivers’ Cognition of Road Network
A Students’ Concentration Evaluation Algorithm Based on Facial Attitude Recognition via Classroom Surveillance Video
Terminal Voltage Control Scheme of Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion System with Battery Energy Storage System
Digital Empirical Research of Influencing Factors of Musical Emotion Classification Based on Pleasure-Arousal Musical Emotion Fuzzy Model
Indoor Key Point Reconstruction Based on Laser Illumination and Omnidirectional Vision
Estimation of SOC Based on LSTM-RNN and Design of Intelligent Equalization Charging System
Suppression the Disturbance of Robotic Manipulators Based on Nonlinear Disturbance Observer and Fuzzy Logic System
Entity Alignment Method of Points of Interest for Internet Location-Based Services
FR-MTL: Traffic Flow Prediction Using Fused Ridge Denoising and Multi-Task Learning
Three-Dimensional Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Route Planning Using Hybrid Differential Evolution
Single Image De-Raining Using Spinning Detail Perceptual Generative Adversarial Networks
Tomato Yield Estimation Based on Object Detection
Soft Fault Detection Algorithms for Multi-Parallel Data Streams Under the Cloud Computing
Current Control Method in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Under Low Switching Frequency
Research on Solid Waste Transfer Strategy Based on Internet of Things
Research on Mass Real Estate Evaluation Mode Based on BP Neural Network Model
Index Design and Model Construction of Accounting Information Disclosure of Universities Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Rapid Feature Retrieval Method in Large-Scale Image Database
Demand Prediction of Cold Chain Logistics Under B2C E-Commerce Model
High-Speed Serial Data Transmission Error Control Based on Fuzzy Classification
The Image Restoration Method Based on Patch Sparsity Propagation in Big Data Environment
Special Issue on Mobile Multimedia Big Data Embedded Systems
Control Technology for Power Resources Based on Improved Q Learning Algorithm for Automated Intelligent Control
Human Detection in Intelligent Video Surveillance: A Review
Data Mining for Discovering Effective Time-Series Transition of Learning Strategies on Mutual Viewing-Based Learning
An Uncertain Supply Chain Problem with Sales Effort
Agent-Based Simulation of Financial Institution Investment Strategy Under Easing Monetary Policy for Operative Collapses
Modeling the Momentum Effect in Stock Markets to Propose a New Portfolio Algorithm
The Macroeconomic Effect of Disaster Shocks in MRS-DSGE Models
Majority Rule Using Collaborative P300 by Auditory Stimulation
Three-Stage Fuzzy Rule-Based Model for Earthquake Non-Engineered Building House Damage Hazard Determination
Online Control of a Virtual Object with Collaborative SSVEP
Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation Using Extreme Learning Machine
Automatic Baseball Video Tagging Based on Voice Pattern Prioritization and Recursive Model Localization
New Approach Combining Branch and Price with Metaheuristics to Solve Nurse Scheduling Problem
Time-Series Data Analysis Using Sliding Window Based SVD for Motion Evaluation
A Quantitative Quality Measurement for Codebook in Feature Encoding Strategies
Rough Set Model in Incomplete Decision Systems
Cross-Media Retrieval Based on Query Modality and Semi-Supervised Regularization
Optimizing the Arrangement of Post-Disaster Rescue Activities: An Agent-Based Simulation Approach
A Method for Detecting Harmful Entries on Informal School Websites Using Morphosemantic Patterns
Interactive Surgery System with 3D Electromagnetic Motion Tracker for Training Surgeons in Skin Cutting Skills Needed in Total Knee Arthroplasty
An Improved Rumor Routing Protocol Based on Optimized Intersection Angle Theory and Localization Technologies in WSN

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