Cross-View Gait Recognition Based on Dual-Stream Network
Position Control of Machine Tool Moving Axis Based on Sliding Mode Control
Development of a Control System and Interface Design Based on an Electric Wheelchair
Demagnetization Fault Diagnosis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Inductance Disturbance
Three-Dimensional Stereo Vision Tracking of Multiple Free-Swimming Fish for Low Frame Rate Video
Optimization of Biofilter Size for Aquaponics Using Genetic Algorithm
Application of Fuzzy Logic for Controlling Spray Drying Parameters in Production of Bignay (Antidesma Bunius) Juice Powder
Varietal Classification of Lactuca Sativa Seeds Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Based on Morphological Phenes
Adaptive Fertigation System Using Hybrid Vision-Based Lettuce Phenotyping and Fuzzy Logic Valve Controller Towards Sustainable Aquaponics
The Influence of Aging Population on Consumption Quantity in China
Effect of the International Tourism Island Policy on Hainan Farmers’ Income and the Urban–Rural Income Gap: An Analysis Based on the GPCA and SCM Models
Stock Prediction Based on News Text Analysis
Sino-Japanese Relations from the Perspective of Chinese Mainstream Media During the Pandemic: Based on Word2vec and DTM Model
Agglomeration and Innovation: An Empirical Study Based on China’s Manufacturing Data
Time-Varying Transmission Effects of Internet Finance Under Economic Policy Uncertainty and Internet Consumers’ Behaviors: Evidence from China
Market Distortion, Inter-Provincial Factor Misallocation, and Total Factor Productivity
Lookback Option Pricing Problems of Uncertain Mean-Reverting Stock Model
Evaluating Default Risk and Loan Performance in UK Peer-to-Peer Lending: Evidence from Funding Circle
Calculation and Decomposition Analysis of Embodied Energy and Embodied Carbon Emissions in China’s Foreign Trade Based on Value-Added Trade
Smartphone Naïve Bayes Human Activity Recognition Using Personalized Datasets
Visualization Method Corresponding to Regression Problems and Its Application to Deep Learning-Based Gaze Estimation Model
Adaptive Personalized Multiple Machine Learning Architecture for Estimating Human Emotional States
Mixed Duopoly Stochastic Sales Model with Advertising and Experience Gains for the Public and Foreign Competitors
Building a Fuzzy System for Pulse Based Disease Diagnosis and Acupuncture Therapy
Feature Analysis for Imbalanced Learning
Projection with Gaussian Kernel for Person Re-Identification
Interestingness Improvement of Face Images by Learning Visual Saliency
Navigation Model for a Robot as a Human Group Member to Adapt to Changing Conditions of Personal Space
Improving Fairness in IEEE 802.11 EDCA Ad Hoc Networks Based on Fuzzy Logic
Modeling a Fuzzy System for Diagnosis of Syndromes with Integrated Eastern and Western Medicine Using the Importance of Symptoms
Theoretical Explanation of Recent Empirically Successful Code Quality Metrics
How to Combine (Dis)Utilities of Different Aspects into a Single (Dis)Utility Value, and How This Is Related to Geometric Images of Happiness
How to Describe Conditions Like 2-out-of-5 in Fuzzy Logic: A Neural Approach
A New (Simplified) Derivation of Nash’s Bargaining Solution
Towards Making Fuzzy Techniques More Adequate for Combining Knowledge of Several Experts
A Parallel Algorithm for Mining Non-Redundant Recurrent Rules from a Sequence Database
Efficient Corpus Creation Method for NLU Using Interview with Probing Questions
Joint Graph Regularization in a Homogeneous Subspace for Cross-Media Retrieval
MR-AntMiner: A Novel MapReduce Classification Rule Discovery with Ant Colony Intelligence
Developing End-to-End Control Policies for Robotic Swarms Using Deep Q-learning
Global Thresholding for Scene Understanding Towards Autonomous Drone Navigation
A Secure Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Against Co-Resident Attacks
Evaluation Method for Complex Electromagnetic Environment
Emotion Recognition Based on Multi-Composition Deep Forest and Transferred Convolutional Neural Network
Feature Extraction of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using a Dual-Task of Drawing and Counting Test
Study on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Model Fusing User Reviews
Scalable Blockchain Protocol Based on Proof of Stake and Sharding
Combination of Improved OGY and Guiding Orbit Method for Chaos Control
Neural Network Based Online Anthropomorphic Performance Decision-Making Approach for Dual-Arm Dulcimer Playing Robot
Solving the Time-Varying Cobb-Douglas Production Function Using a Varying-Coefficient Quantile Regression Model

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