Treemap-Based Cluster Visualization and its Application to Text Data Analysis
Behavior Estimation Based on Multiple Vibration Sensors for Elderly Monitoring Systems
Three-Mode Fuzzy Co-Clustering Based on Probabilistic Concept and Comparison with FCM-Type Algorithms
Decision-Making of Communication Robots Through Robot Ethics
Adaptive Synapse Arrangement in Cortical Learning Algorithm
Improved Chinese Sentence Semantic Similarity Calculation Method Based on Multi-Feature Fusion
Multi-View 3D Human Pose Tracking Based on Evolutionary Robot Vision
An Elderly Monitoring System Based on Multiple Ultra-Sensitive Vibration and Pneumatic Sensors
Recognition of Hybrid Graphic-Text License Plates
Artificial Intelligence Software Application for Contactless Traffic Violation Apprehension in the Philippines
Anno-Mate: Human–Machine Collaboration Features for Fast Annotation
Protocol-Independent Data Acquisition for Precision Farming
Recommendation System Based on Generative Adversarial Network with Graph Convolutional Layers
VGG-16 Convolutional Neural Network-Oriented Detection of Filling Flow Status of Viscous Food
An Approach to NMT Re-Ranking Using Sequence-Labeling for Grammatical Error Correction
Bifurcation Analysis of a Class Fractional-Oder Nonlinear Chua’s Circuit System
Determining the Most Effective Way of Ensuring a Tidying-Up Behavior: Comparison of Effects of Reminders Using Oral Instruction, Posters, and Robots
Terrain Hazard Risk Analysis for Flood Disaster Management in Chaohu Basin, China, Based on Two-Dimensional Cloud
The Dynamic Correlation Between Capital Deepening and Total Factor Productivity in China
An ERP Experimental Study About the Effect of Authorization Cue Characteristics on the Privacy Behavior of Recommended Users
The Influence of Factor Price Distortions on Economic Structure – Based on Time-Varying Elasticity Production Function Model
Optimization Design of Oven Shape Based on Heat Distribution Model
Route Optimization of Aquatic Product Transportation Based on an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
Predictability of China’s Stock Market Returns Based on Combination of Distribution Forecasting Models
Psychological Trends in the Achievement Goals of College and University Athletes
The Study on the Influence of Terms of Trade on Regional Inflation – Based on the Mixed NKPC Model Under the Opening Economy Condition
Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on CFSFDP
Detection Effectiveness Estimation Based on Multi-Angle Data and Visualization Analysis
Real-Time Performance Evaluation of the Combustion Process of Coke Oven
Real-Time Optical Music Recognition System for Dulcimer Musical Robot
Mining Association Rules on Enrollment Information of Higher Vocational Colleges Using the Apriori Algorithm
An Objective Indicator Focused on the Symmetrical Movements of the Arms to Assess Gait Stability
Designation of Candidate Solutions in Differential Evolution Based on Bandit Algorithm and its Evaluation
Estimation of Object Motion State Based on Adaptive Decorrelation Kalman Filtering
Bifurcation Analysis and Impulsive Control of Genetic Regulatory Networks with Multi Delays
Optical Flow for Real-Time Human Detection and Action Recognition Based on CNN Classifiers
Quantum Implementation of Powell’s Conjugate Direction Method
Ancient Chinese Sentence Segmentation Based on Bidirectional LSTM+CRF Model
Index-Based Notation for Random Variable and Probability Space
Scalable Change Detection Using Place-Specific Compressive Change Classifiers
Object-Oriented 3D Semantic Mapping Based on Instance Segmentation
Modeling the Effects of Coordinating Macro-Prudential Rule and Monetary Policy
Influencing Mechanism of Patent Alliance on Technical Innovation from Network Effects Perspective
Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on the Distribution of China’s Stock Returns: An External Perspective
Explaining Disparities in AH Stock Premium Returns with Chinese Economic Policy Uncertainty: Evidence Based on a Non-Parametric Analysis
The Impact of FDI on Entrepreneurship in European Countries: Mechanism and Strength
Forecasting Realized Volatility in Financial Markets Based on a Time-Varying Non-Parametric Model
Storage-Optimization Method for Massive Small Files of Agricultural Resources Based on Hadoop
Disparity Optimization Algorithm for Stereo Matching Using Improved Guided Filter
Dynamic Analysis of sRNA Regulated Quorum Sensing Network

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