Study on Development of Humor Discriminator for Dialogue System
Fuzzy-Integral Based Estimate of Vertical-Direction Error Caused by Pointing Fingers at Objects
Do You Forgive Past Mistakes of Animated Agents? A Study of Instances of Assistance by Animated Agents
Learning Effect of Collaborative Learning with Robots Speaking a Compliment
Operation Skill Acquisition and Fuzzy-Rule Extraction for Drone Control Based on Visual Information Using Deep Learning
Support System for Teachers in Communication with Educational Support Robot
Modular Neural Network for Learning Visual Features, Routes, and Operation Through Human Driving Data Toward Automatic Driving System
Special Issue on Human Symbiotic Systems II
Improved Model-Free Adaptive Control of Pneumatic Gravity Compensation System
Robot Vision System for Human Detection and Action Recognition
HEVC Video Encryption Algorithm Based on Integer Dynamic Coupling Tent Mapping
User Modeling from Review Browsing History for Personal Values-Based Recommendation
Estimation of Search Intents from Query to Context Search Engine
Discussing Psychological Changes in College Students Who Participate in Physical Education Using Structural Equation Modeling
Forecasting Realized Volatility Based on Sentiment Index and GRU Model
Human Body Dynamics Detection of Shock Absorption and Rebound Ability of Specialized Athletic Shoes
Asymmetric Multifractal Analysis of Rebar Futures and Spot Market in China
A Study of the Impact of Innovation on Industrial Upgrading in China: A Spatial Econometric Analysis Based on China’s Provincial Panel Data
Forecasting Stock Index Futures Intraday Returns: Functional Time Series Model
A Predictive Model for Fertility Behavior of Women of Childbearing Age: Based on the Apriori Algorithm and Smooth Cut-Point Calculation
Influence Mechanism of Ambidextrous Innovation on Technological Catch-Up in Latecomer Enterprises of Technical Standards Alliance
Design of Modified Repetitive Controller for T–S Fuzzy Systems
Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means Clustering Based on Granular Gravitational Forces and Particle Swarm Optimization
Nonverbal Communication Based on Instructed Learning for Socially Embedded Robot Partners
Cluster Validity Measures Based Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering for Network Data
Kernel Fuzzy c-Regression Based on Least Absolute Deviation with Modified Huber Function
Fuzzy Clustering Method for Spherical Data Based on q-Divergence
Comparison of Risk Aversity for Two Utility Functions on ℝ2
The Credit-Increasing Mechanism of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Evidence from Taizhou’s Credit Guarantee Fund
Causal Relationship Between FDI Flow and Technological Innovation in China and Japan
A Fuzzy Inference-Based Spiking Neural Network for Behavior Estimation in Elderly Health Care System
Human Posture Recognition for Estimation of Human Body Condition
Emotion Prediction and Cause Analysis Considering Spatio-Temporal Distribution
Intelligent Measurement of Spinal Curvature Using Cascade Gentle AdaBoost Classifier and Region-Based DRLSE
Collaborative Filtering Using Fuzzy Clustering for Categorical Multivariate Data Based on q-Divergence
Regularized Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and its Behavior at Point of Infinity
Crystalizing Effect of Simulated Annealing on Boltzmann Machine
Improvement of Face Recognition with Gabor, PCA, and SVM Under Complex Illumination Conditions
Analysis of Water Quality Conditions of Lake Hachiroko Using Fuzzy C-Means
Combining 2D Gabor and Local Binary Pattern for Facial Expression Recognition Using Extreme Learning Machine
A Kansei-Based Sound Modulation System for Musical Instruments by Using Neural Networks
Improving GNSS Navigation and Control with Electronic Compass in Unmanned System
Correlation Coefficients of Refined-Single Valued Neutrosophic Sets and Their Applications in Multiple Attribute Decision-Making
SAR Target Recognition via Joint Classification of Monogenic Components with Discrimination Analysis
Efficient Mining Recurring Patterns of Inter-Transaction in Time Series
Deep Learning SDN Intrusion Detection Scheme Based on TW-Pooling
The Discussion on Interior Design Mode Based on 3D Virtual Vision Technology
The State Monitoring Method of Electronic Voltage Transformer Based on L-M Algorithm
Research on Deep Integration of Construction Management and Computer BIM Technology
Knowledge Acquisition from Rough Sets Using Merged Decision Rules

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