Dual-Level Template for Enhancing Resolution of Quantum Images
A New Hyperchaotic System Generated by an External Periodic Excitation and its Image Encryption Application
A Memetic Algorithm for High-Speed Railway Train Timetable Rescheduling
Learning-Based Stereoscopic View Synthesis with Cascaded Deep Neural Networks
Market Forecasting by Variable Selection of Indicators and Emotion Scores from Text Data
A Feasibility Study on Hand Gesture Intention Interpretation Based on Gesture Detection and Speech Recognition
Accurate Measurement Method of Drilling Depth Based on Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
Design and Motion Analysis of a Mobile Robot Based on Linkage Suspension
A Hybrid Path Planning and Formation Control Strategy of Multi-Robots in a Dynamic Environment
Privacy-Preserving Techniques in Social Distancing Applications: A Comprehensive Survey
Fast Search Strategy for Robots in Dynamic Home Environment
Evaluation of Tympanic Temperature, Heart Rate Variability and Finger-Foot Reaction Using VR in the Elderly
Empirical Research of Hot Topic Recognition and its Evolution Path Method for Scientific and Technological Literature
Nodal Degree Correlations Around Twitter’s Influencers Revealed by Two-Hop Followers
A Predicting Model for Near-Horizontal Directional Drilling Path Based on BP Neural Network in Underground Coal Mine
Estimation of Forearm Motion Based on EMG Using Quaternion Neural Network
Speaker Localization Based on Audio-Visual Bimodal Fusion
Improved Tilt Feeling During Remote Control of Construction Machine by Tactile Sensation
Fault-Diagnosing Deep-Visual-SLAM for 3D Change Object Detection
Class Imbalanced Fault Diagnosis via Combining K-Means Clustering Algorithm with Generative Adversarial Networks
Materializing Architecture for Processing Multimodal Signals for a Humanoid Robot Control System
Representation Learning with LDA Models for Entity Disambiguation in Specific Domains
A Control Approach Based on Observers of State and Uncertainty for a Class of Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models
Single-Phase Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
Analyzing Two Approaches in Interdisciplinary Research: Individual and Collaborative
Analog Realization of Fractional-Order Capacitor and Inductor via the Caputo–Fabrizio Derivative
Asymptotic Stabilization for a Class of Linear Fractional-Order Composite Systems
Creating a Disaster Chain Diagram from Japanese Newspaper Articles Using Mechanical Methods
Study on Development of Humor Discriminator for Dialogue System
Fuzzy-Integral Based Estimate of Vertical-Direction Error Caused by Pointing Fingers at Objects
Do You Forgive Past Mistakes of Animated Agents? A Study of Instances of Assistance by Animated Agents
Learning Effect of Collaborative Learning with Robots Speaking a Compliment
Operation Skill Acquisition and Fuzzy-Rule Extraction for Drone Control Based on Visual Information Using Deep Learning
Support System for Teachers in Communication with Educational Support Robot
Modular Neural Network for Learning Visual Features, Routes, and Operation Through Human Driving Data Toward Automatic Driving System
Special Issue on Human Symbiotic Systems II
Improved Model-Free Adaptive Control of Pneumatic Gravity Compensation System
Robot Vision System for Human Detection and Action Recognition
HEVC Video Encryption Algorithm Based on Integer Dynamic Coupling Tent Mapping
User Modeling from Review Browsing History for Personal Values-Based Recommendation
Estimation of Search Intents from Query to Context Search Engine
Discussing Psychological Changes in College Students Who Participate in Physical Education Using Structural Equation Modeling
Forecasting Realized Volatility Based on Sentiment Index and GRU Model
Human Body Dynamics Detection of Shock Absorption and Rebound Ability of Specialized Athletic Shoes
Asymmetric Multifractal Analysis of Rebar Futures and Spot Market in China
A Study of the Impact of Innovation on Industrial Upgrading in China: A Spatial Econometric Analysis Based on China’s Provincial Panel Data
Forecasting Stock Index Futures Intraday Returns: Functional Time Series Model
A Predictive Model for Fertility Behavior of Women of Childbearing Age: Based on the Apriori Algorithm and Smooth Cut-Point Calculation
Influence Mechanism of Ambidextrous Innovation on Technological Catch-Up in Latecomer Enterprises of Technical Standards Alliance
Design of Modified Repetitive Controller for T–S Fuzzy Systems

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