Characteristics for Performance Optimization of Safety-Critical System Development (SCSD)
Assessment of Coke Oven Operating State Using Trend Analysis and Information Entropy
Lifestyle Analysis from Household Electricity Consumption Data
A New Sensing Direction Rotation Approach to Area Coverage Optimization in Directional Sensor Network
Computer Humor and Human Humor: Construction of Japanese “Nazokake” Riddle Generation Systems
Self-Structured Cortical Learning Algorithm by Dynamically Adjusting Columns and Cells
Face Recognition Algorithm Based on 3D Point Cloud Acquired by Mixed Image Sensor
Massive Data Mining Algorithm for Web Text Based on Clustering Algorithm
Optimization of Load Balancing Scheduling Model for Cloud Computing Resources in Abnormal Network Environment
Object Contour Tracking Algorithm of Infrared Image Under Complex Background
Research on the Method of Robot Arm Trajectory Planning Under Chaos Control
Efficient Prediction Method of Defect of Monitor Configuration Software
Design of Laser Rangefinder for Obstacle Avoidance of Intelligent Robot in Cloud Computing Environment
Sharpening Method for Dynamic Images of Remote Network Video
A Correlation Evaluation Method for Complex Objects
Lean Rate of Posts in Different Departments Based on ANP Method
A Mixed Denoising Algorithm Based on Weighted Joint Sparse Representation
An Improved Immune Clone Algorithm Logistics Delivery Strategy
The Application of A-CNN in Crowd Counting of Scenic Spots
Prediction and Demonstration of Coupling Development for Regional Logistics Economic Environment System
Application of Decision Making Algorithm for Green Electromechanical Product Design Optimization
Adaptive Energy Control Strategy for a Hybrid Energy Storage System in a DC Micro-Grid of an Unmanned Surface Vehicle
Robot Navigation Algorithm Based on Sensor Technology and Iterative Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
A Common Spatial Pattern and Wavelet Packet Decomposition Combined Method for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition
Research on Policy Text Clustering Algorithm Based on LDA-Gibbs Model
A Sketch Recognition Algorithm Based on Bayesian Network and Convolution Neural Network
Customer Value Co-Creation Behavior Effects on Online Purchase Intention
A Recovery Method of Data Lost in Network Communication
Extension Priority Evaluation Extension Model for Quality Evaluation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education
Trajectory Tracking and Control Algorithm for Precision Parallel Robot
Multi-Objective Optimization for Gas Distribution in Continuous Annealing Process
Parameter Learning for an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Belief Rule-Based Systems Based on Weight and Reliability
Energy-Aware Virtual Data Center Migration
Changes in Body Representation of the Human Upper Limb as a Function of Movement and Visual Hand Position
Interaction Forces Identification Modeling and Tracking Control for Rehabilitative Training Walker
Feature Extraction of Foam Nickel Surface Based on Multi-Scale Texture Analysis
Unscented Kalman Filtering for Nonlinear Systems with Colored Measurement Noises and One-Step Randomly Delayed Measurements
A Cross-Media Retrieval Algorithm Based on Consistency Preserving of Collaborative Representation
A New Hybrid Method for Parameter Optimization of SVR
Multi-Objective Solar Farm Design Based on Parabolic Collectors
Relationship Between Cerebral Aneurysm Development and Cerebral Artery Shape
Estimating Classroom Situations by Using CNN with Environmental Sound Spectrograms
Solving Order/Degree Problems by Using EDA-GK with a Novel Sampling Method
Discovering Expert Traders on Social Trading Services
A Modification of MOEA/D for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
Coke Oven Flue Temperature Control Based on Improved Implicit Generalized Predictive Control
A Design of Observers of Control State and Uncertainty via Transformation of T-S Fuzzy Models
A Novel Animation Method Based on Mesh Decimation
On the Learning Method, Properties of the Extended Functional-Type SIRMs Connected Fuzzy Inference Model and Their Application to a Medical Diagnosis System
Optimization of Constrained SIRMs Connected Type Fuzzy Inference Model Using Two-Phase Simplex Method

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