Drill-String Dynamics Model of Horizontal Coal Mine Wells Considering Intermittent Borehole Wall Contact
A Data-Driven Prediction Model of Blast Furnace Gas Generation Based on Spectrum Decomposition
Synchronization of Hyperchaotic Systems Based on Intermittent Control and its Application in Secure Communication
The Impact of Field-Flipped Courses on College Students’ Self-Regulated Learning and Learning Performance Take a National University in Central Taiwan as an Example
Design and Implementation of a Recommendation System for Buying Fresh Foods Online Based on Web Crawling
Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Method for Speech Signals Based on SOM-DPC and Compressed Sensing
Digital Inclusive Finance and Industrial Structure Upgrade —Based on Nonlinear Relationship Perspective
Flexible Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Using Weighted Nuclear Norm
Modeling and Control Strategies for Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Soft Robot Actuator
Extracting Branch Factors of Scenarios from a Gaming Simulation Using Log-Cluster Analysis
Relations Among Curriculum Governance Model, Teacher Work Settings, and Teacher Perceptions on the Professional Learning Community
Research on Texture Classification Based on Multi-Scale Information Fusion
3D Street Object Detection from Monocular Images Using Deep Learning and Depth Information
Research on Image Inpainting Algorithms Based on Attention Guidance
Fused Architecture with Enhanced Bag of Visual Words for Efficient Drowsiness Detection
Capsule Network Extension Based on Metric Learning
Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
Mediating Role of Self-Esteem in Activity Participants’ Passion for Exercise and Psychological Well-Being by Jogging in Fu Jen Catholic University
Effect of Alcohol Consumption on the Frequency of Microsaccades
Design of Fast Green Distribution Route Based on Greedy Algorithm
Positioning Method of Four-Wheel-Steering Mobile Robots Based on Improved UMBmark of Michigan Benchmark Algorithm
Prediction of Continuous Blood Pressure Using Multiple Gated Recurrent Unit Embedded in SENet
Simultaneous Detection of Loop-Closures and Changed Objects
Embedding-Based Potential Sales Forecasting of Bread Product
Torque Control for Electric Drive System Used in Electric Vehicle in the Presence of Permanent Magnet Demagnetization Faults
Individual Differences in Cut-Out Areas of Oral Images in Oral Mucosal Disease Diagnosis Support System
High-Precision and Fast LiDAR Odometry and Mapping Algorithm
Evolutionary Computation System Solving Group Decision Making Multiobjective Problems for Human Groups
Automatic Neonatal Alertness State Classification Based on Facial Expression Recognition
Enhancement of the Individual Selectness Using Local Spatial Weighting for Immune Cells
PGFLibPy: An Open-Source Parallel Python Toolbox for Genetic Folding Algorithm
Natural Language Generation System for Knowledge Acquisition Based on Patent Database
Research on Delivery Network Optimization Based on Crowdsourcing Theory
Data Augmentation Using Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Class Segmentation of Lung Confocal IF Images
Synthesis and Prototyping of a 6-dof Parallel Robot for the Automatic Performance of Assembly Tasks
LSTM Network Classification of Dexterous Individual Finger Movements
Intelligent Edutab Box: Supporting Real-Time Face-to-Face Collaborative Learning
Design and Implementation of the Universal Servo Control Algorithm Verification System Based on High-Speed Communication Fieldbus
Analysis of Vase Shaped Pumping Cavity for Solar-Pumped Laser
An Expansion and Application of Human Coexistence Robot System Using Smart Devices
Jensen–Shannon Divergence-Based k-Medoids Clustering
A Fast Method for Fuzzy Rules Learning with Derivative-Free Optimization by Formulating Independent Evaluations of Each Fuzzy Rule
An Improved Algorithm for Detection and Pose Estimation of Texture-Less Objects
Reconstruction Method for Missing Measurement Data Based on Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network
Hybrid Caption Including Formula or Figure for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
Self-Organized Subpopulation Based on Multiple Features in Genetic Programming on GPU
Fine-Grained Access Control Scheme Based on Improved Proxy Re-Encryption in Cloud
Repetitive Control Based on Multi-Stage PSO Algorithm with Variable Intervals for T–S Fuzzy Systems
Optimal Value Estimation of Intentional-Value-Substitution for Learning Regression Models
Characteristics for Performance Optimization of Safety-Critical System Development (SCSD)

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