On Geodesic Convexity in Mycielskian of Graphs
Optimization Trading Strategy Model for Gold and Bitcoin Based on Market Fluctuation
Acyclic Coloring of Certain Graphs
Symbol Error Probability Optimization of OFDM Bidirectional AF Relaying Systems
Beyond Sentiment Analysis: A Review of Recent Trends in Text Based Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection
A Neural Network and Generalized Predictive Control Framework for Urban Traffic System Optimal Perimeter Control
Gradient-Based Scheduler for Scientific Workflows in Cloud Computing
Speech-Section Extraction Using Lip Movement and Voice Information in Japanese
Dynamic Pattern Recognition Model Based on Neural Network Response to Signal Fluctuation
Grape Pseudocercospora Leaf Specked Area Estimation Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Recurrent Neural Network
optIFnet: A Capacitive Antenna Dipole Indention-Flexure Predictive Model Optimized Using Hybrid Lichtenberg Algorithm and Neural Network
MeterGPX: A Smart Multimeter Embedded with Multigene Genetic Programming Model for Multiarray Antenna Transmitter
Digital Twin Concept Utilizing Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Monitoring Seawater Intrusion
SpeedX: Smart Speed Controller Model of Towed Subterranean Imaging System for Resistivity Data Distortion Reduction Using Computational Intelligence
Calibration Cost Reduction of Indoor Localization Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon
A Color Calibration Method Based on Color Component Projection for Suppression of False Color Caused by Iterative Distribution Transfer
Target Detection Based on Variable Frame Rate Sampling of Active Light Source
A Development of Robotic Scrub Nurse System – Detection for Surgical Instruments Using Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network –
Quantitative Evaluation of Post-Lunch Dip Using Event-Related Potential
PPG Signal Morphology-Based Method for Distinguishing Stress and Non-Stress Conditions
Moving Object Grasping Method of Mechanical Arm Based on Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient and Hindsight Experience Replay
Automatic Carpal Site Detection Method for Evaluation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Deep Learning
A Self-Localization Method Using a Genetic Algorithm Considered Kidnapped Problem
Quantitative Evaluation of Vitreous Opacities Using Motion Video Through Slit-Lamp Examination
A Culture-Based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimization in Dynamic Environments
Improvement of Fuzzy Graph Drawing Using Partition Tree
Generating Maude Specifications from M-UML Statechart Diagrams
Review of Generative Adversarial Networks in Image Generation
Forecasting Influenza Based on Autoregressive Moving Average and Holt-Winters Exponential Smoothing Models
An Improved Fully Convolutional Network Based on Post-Processing with Global Variance Equalization and Noise-Aware Training for Speech Enhancement
Hybrid Bidirectional Rapidly Exploring Random Tree Path Planning Algorithm with Reinforcement Learning
Ameliorated Frenet Trajectory Optimization Method Based on Artificial Emotion and Equilibrium Optimizer
Uncertain Nonlinear Process Monitoring Using Interval Ensemble Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Monitoring and Analysis of Auto Body Precision Based on Big Data
Nonsingular Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Observer and Fractional-Order Software Phase-Locked Loop for Speed-Sensorless Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Generalized Fuzzy c-Means Clustering and its Property of Fuzzy Classification Function
Path Planning Based on Improved Hybrid A* Algorithm
Combining Input Shaping and Adaptive Model-Following Control for Vibration Suppression
Numerical Simulation of Laser-Induced Bubble and Metal-Free Water Cannon
Helmet Detection Based on Deep Learning and Random Forest on UAV for Power Construction Safety
Trajectory Azimuth Control Based on Equivalent Input Disturbance Approach for Directional Drilling Process
Intelligent Compensating Method for MPC-Based Deviation Correction with Stratum Uncertainty in Vertical Drilling Process
Variable Expanding Structure for Data Center Interconnection Networks
Complementary Convolution Residual Networks for Semantic Segmentation in Street Scenes with Deep Gaussian CRF
A Robot in a Human–Robot Group Learns Group Norms and Makes Decisions Through Indirect Mutual Interaction with Humans
Stepwise Noise Elimination for Better Motivational and Advisory Texts Classification
Exploratory Causal Analysis of Open Data: Explanation Generation and Confounder Identification
Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks to Model iPSC-Derived Cancer Stem Cells
IDT and Color Transfer-Based Color Calibration for Images Taken by Different Cameras
Interval Data Envelopment Analysis for Inter-Group Data Usage

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