Community-Centric System – Support of Human Ties –
Mechanism and Control of Parallel-Wire Driven System
Global Threats and the Control of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Legionella Pneumonia
Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli – Its Control from a Viewpoint of Food Safety –
Strategy for Prevention of HIV-1 Transmission
West Nile Virus : Understanding its Past, Present, and Future
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Henipavirus Infections – An Expanding Zoonosis from Fruit Bats
Ebola and Marburg Viruses
Understanding of Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases (EID and REID)
“Place” and “Between-ness”: Philosophical Approach to the Integration of Knowledge
Recognizing Persons by Their Finger Veins
Earthquake Studies and the Earthquake Prediction System in Japan
Earthquake Observation and Strong Motion Seismology in Japan from 1975 to 2005
Aseismic Considerations of Transportation Systems
Seismic Analysis of Underground Structures
Aseismic Structural Systems for Buildings
Seismic Design Codes for Buildings in Japan
Response Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures Subjected to Earthquake Motions
Introduction to Dr. Iwasaki’s Paper Entitled “Response Analysis of Civil Engineering Structures Subjected to Earthquake Motions”
Seismic Design of Bridges After 1995 Kobe Earthquake
Liquefaction of Subsurface Soils During Earthquakes
A Short Note for Dr. Ishihara’s Review in 1974
Recent Developments in Liquefaction Research Learned from Earthquake Damage
Seismic Microzoning for Urban Planning
A Short Note for Dr. Kobayashi’s Review in 1974
Recent Seismic Microzoning Maps in Japan
Anti-Earthquake Design of Industrial Facilities
A Short Note for Dr. Shibata’s Review in 1975
Earthquake Damage to Industrial Facilities and Development of Seismic and Vibration Control Technology – Based on Experience from the 1995 Kobe (Hanshin-Awaji) Earthquake –
Damage and Height Distribution of Sumatra Earthquake-Tsunami of December 26, 2004, in Banda Aceh City and its Environs
Urban Renewal for Earthquake-Proof Systems
Trends in Disaster Management Measures in Post World War II in Japan
Development of Urban Disaster Prevention Systems in Japan – from the Mid-1980s
Earthquake Disasters and Earthquake Engineering in Japan
Earthquake Disaster Mitigation and Earthquake Engineering in Japan – A Review with a Special Emphasis on the Kobe Earthquake and its Impact

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