Digital Economy, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Labor Mismatch
The Effects of Social Network and Institutional Embeddedness on Household Consumption: Evidence from China Household Finance Survey
Influence of China’s Population Aging on Household Consumption – Based on the Data from China Family Panel Studies
Cooperative Network Embedding, Knowledge Network Structure and Technological Catch-Up of Latecomers: A Technical Standards Alliance Perspective
Effect of Financial Development on Export Trade in China
CNN-GRUA-FC Stock Price Forecast Model Based on Multi-Factor Analysis
Control Strategies for Gas Pressure Energy Recovery Systems
Asymmetric Effect of Monetary Policy on Housing Price from Short-Term and Long-Term Perspectives
Reconnaissance and Confirmation Task Planning of Multiple Fixed-Wing UAVs with Specific Payloads: A Comparison Study
Reinforcement Learning for POMDP Environments Using State Representation with Reservoir Computing
Impact of Intelligent Development on the Total Factor Productivity of Firms – Based on the Evidence from Listed Chinese Manufacturing Firms
The Motivation Behind Participation in Virtual CSR Co-Creation by Chinese Post-90s: A Case Study of Ant Forest
Interrelationships Among Consumer Attitudes Toward Vlog Promotion
Expectation Management and Financial Stability – Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Based on News Shock
The Influence of Robot’s Expressions on Self-Efficacy in Erroneous Situations
Web-Questionnaire-Based Corpus Creation Under Assumption of Human as Speech Targets
Multi-Faceted Decision Making Using Multiple Reinforcement Learning to Reducing Wasteful Actions
A Modified Disturbance-Rejection Approach in Networked Control Systems Based on Adaptive Model Predictive Control and Equivalent-Input-Disturbance
A Study of Support Vector Regression-Based Fuzzy c-Means Algorithm on Incomplete Data Clustering
Improved Tumor Image Estimation in X-Ray Fluoroscopic Images by Augmenting 4DCT Data for Radiotherapy
China’s R&D Investment’s Impact on Environmental Pollution: An Integrated Approach Based on Panel Moderated Mediation and Regression Discontinuity
Empirical Analyses of OLMAR Method for Financial Portfolio Selection in Stock Markets
Posture Evaluation Based on Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics of Parallel Link Type Machine Tool
Development of a Sharp-Tipped L-Shaped Stylus for Measurement of Nanoscale Sidewall Features
Redesigned Microcantilevers for Sensitivity Improvement of Microelectromechanical System Tactile Sensors
Data-Driven Model-Free Adaptive Displacement Control for Tap-Water-Driven Artificial Muscle and Parameter Design Using Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning
Self-Localization of Mobile Robot Based on Beacon Beam of TOF Laser Sensor Mounted on Pan-Tilt Actuator: Estimation Method that Combines Spot Coordinates on Laser Receiver and Odometry
Method of Studying a Process of Turning in an Orthotic Robot
Development of a Real-Time Simulator for a Semi-Autonomous Tele-Robot in an Unknown Narrow Path
Analysis of Measuring Precision of 3D Model of Ishigaki Stone in Kumamoto Castle Using Automatic CMG Crane System
Human-Gait-Based Tracking Control for Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot
Planning the Shortest Carrying Trajectory Including Path and Attitude Change Considering Gripping Constraints
An Innovative Spiral Pulley that Optimizes Cable Tension Variation for Superior Balancing Performance
Multi-Legged Inspection Robot with Twist-Based Crouching and Fine Adjustment Mechanism
Hydraulic Robotic Leg for HYDROïD Robot: Modeling and Control
Electric Field Strength Simulation Using 2D-Environment Map Generated by Tele-Operated Mobile Robot
Risk Narratives for Enhancing Regional Resilience: Constructing Evidence-Based Flood Disaster Response Scenarios
Prediction of Reservoir Sedimentation in the Long Term Period Due to the Impact of Climate Change: A Case Study of Pleikrong Reservoir
Impact of COVID-19 Measures on Mobility in Bangkok, Thailand
Scenario Planning Approach to Pre-Event Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: The Case of the Future Mega-Tsunami Striking Kushimoto, Japan
Tsunami-Induced Drift Motion and Numerical Simulation Using Various Models
Memorialization Tools for Systematically Expanding Disaster Risk Reduction Across Space and Time
Effects of Urban Development on Regional Climate Change and Flood Inundation in Jakarta, Indonesia
Evaluation of Historical Wildfires in Tohoku Region Using Satellite-Based High-Fire-Severity Index
Dual-Level Template for Enhancing Resolution of Quantum Images
A New Hyperchaotic System Generated by an External Periodic Excitation and its Image Encryption Application
A Memetic Algorithm for High-Speed Railway Train Timetable Rescheduling
Learning-Based Stereoscopic View Synthesis with Cascaded Deep Neural Networks
Market Forecasting by Variable Selection of Indicators and Emotion Scores from Text Data
A Feasibility Study on Hand Gesture Intention Interpretation Based on Gesture Detection and Speech Recognition

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