Centipede Type Robot i-CentiPot: From Machine to Creatures
Zombification of Insects as a Model for Searching the Source of Various Behaviors of Living Organisms
Congratulations to the Elected IEEE Presidents
Research and Development of Functional Fluid Mechatronics, Rehabilitation Systems, and Mechatronics of Flexible Drive Systems
Editorial Essay
On Eastern Philosophy and the Methodology of Constructive Sciences
Editorial Essay
Toward the Establishment of Integrative and Transdisciplinary Studies of “OUKAN” in Theory and Practice
Editorial Essay
What We Can Do?
Editorial Essay
Past and the Future of Oukan
New Challenge
Towards Recognition of “Koto-Tsukuri” and Integration of Knowledge
Editorial Essay
Revisiting “Disciplinarity/Trans-Disciplinarity”
Editorial Essay
On Special Issue “A New Trend of Robot Utilizing Society”
Mobility Support System for Personal Mobility Vehicles
An Activity Report of Association of Behavioral Economics and Finance
Report of the 5th Biannual Comprehensive Symposium of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
The Third Commendation of KIMURA Award
Activity Report of Japan Association for Planning and Public Management
Manzai Robots: Entertainment Robots Based on Auto-Created Manzai Scripts from Web News Articles
Satellite, Planetary or Terrestrial Subsurface Explorer Robot Based on Earthworm Locomotion
Development of a Personal Mobility Robot “NENA”
Autonomous Mobile Robot MAUV – Mission Achievement on Tsukuba Challenge 2011, 12 and 13 –
Considering Human Resource Development
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Editorial Essay
Autonomous Underwater Vehicle “Tuna-Sand” for Image Observation of the Seafloor at a Low Altitude
Impedance Control of Two d.o.f. CPM Device for Elbow Joint
pico-FCV: Small Single-Operator Electric-Vehicle Using 20 W Hydrogen Fuel Cell Developed for Mechatronics Education
Remote Ultrasound Diagnostic System (RUDS)
Aerial Cargo Robot (Cargo UAV)
Robotic Fish
Development of Power-Assist Machine Using Linkage Mechanism
Human Symbiotic Assist Arm PAS-Arm
Asparagus Harvesting Robot
Swimming Humanoid Robot “SWUMANOID” as an Experimental Platform for Research of Human Swimming
Force Masking Humanoid Robot System
A Cruising AUV r2D4: Intelligent Multirole Platform for Deep-Sea Survey
Performance of Wheel-Typed Vehicle with Crawlers in Between Front and Rear Wheels on Soft Ground
About Transdisciplinarity
Editorial Essay
Medical Round Robot – Terapio –
Development of a Teleoperation System for a Construction Robot
A Plainly Designed Robot for the Experiments Regarding the Psychological Boundaries of Robots
Android Robot SAYA

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