IJAT Vol.1 No.1 p. 5
doi: 10.20965/ijat.2007.p0005


In Celebration of the New “International Journal of Automation Technology”

Sojiro Tsuchiya

September 5, 2007
I’m especially pleased to send you my congratulations on the publication of “International Journal of Automation Technology”. The automation technology has the extremely clear purpose of replacing human work with automated system. However, the automation technology requires various kinds of technologies, ranging from mechanical technology, electronics, control technology, software technology for computer, to system technology necessary for those to be functioned effectively. Therefore, people, who start to learn the automation technology or keep up on it, cannot help gathering fragmentary information from many kinds of technology fields. Additionally, relationship and collaboration between academic institute and industries are important issues that mean industrial firms investigate mostly practical applications of automated machines and production systems, while mainly universities and institutes research fundamental and elemental technologies. With these backgrounds, it has been tough to grasp its whole picture of the automation technology in general, although some of leading universities, institutes and industry firms themselves advance and accumulate the automation technology systematically. This time, through publishing “International Journal of Automation Technology”, I believe the automation technology must become popular and familiar for a great number of engineers, researchers and students. Especially, this publication is delightful news for young engineers, who work toward advanced automation in global business. I greatly expect this journal play a roll of network among engineers and researchers working on the automation in various technology fields, to help upskilling and stimulation for them, and to contribute the development of the automation technology itself as well.
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S. Tsuchiya, “In Celebration of the New “International Journal of Automation Technology”,” Int. J. Automation Technol., Vol.1 No.1, p. 5, 2007.
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