Rapid Estimation of Direct Economic Losses Caused by Significant Earthquakes: An Evidence-Based Model and its Applications
Public Evaluation of the Reconstruction and Regeneration of Fukushima 10 Years After the Earthquake
Development of Prototype Volcano Information Portal Website (VIP) for the Municipalities’ Disaster Response
Collective Knowledge and Experience for Resource-Focused Business Continuity Plans Foundation: Survey on How Home-Visit Nursing Operators in Japan Coped with the COVID-19 Pandemic
Current Situation of the Business Continuity Plan Preparation in Japan: Community General Support Centers
Report on the Project on the Implementation of Continuity Operations in Disaster-Affected Healthcare Facilities Using Gensai Calendar HDMG and COOP Flow Diagram
Modeling and Simulation of In-Hospital Disaster Medicine in a Mass Casualty Event for the Resilience Evaluation of BCPs
Co-Evolution Framework Between Humans and Simulations: Planning Post-Disaster Restoration of a Water Distribution Network
Mini Special Issue on Modeling of Human-Policy-Technology Nexus and Simulation for Disaster Response and Business Continuity
Message from the Winner
Message from the Winner
Message from the Winner
Message from the Winner
Message from the Winner
Presenting the MURAKAMI Suminao Award 2022
Congratulations! MURAKAMI Suminao Award for Disaster Research 2022 and the JDR Annual Awards 2022
Brief Epidemiological Consideration on the COVID-19 Pandemic
Information Seeking and COVID-19 Preventive Behaviors: A Comparison Between Immigrants and the Host Population in Japan
Life and Stress of Japanese Children and Adolescents During the Prolonged Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
Inter- and Intrastate Network Analysis of COVID-19 Spread Using the Social Connectedness Index
Risk Communication During the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Era of Social Media
Lactoferrin as a Possible Preventive and Therapeutic Agent Against SARS-CoV-2 Infection
A Brief Questionnaire on Healthcare Workers’ Awareness Toward the COVID-19 Vaccine and Antibody Tests
Strategic Roadmapping Framework for Disaster Response: Case of COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccine Rollout Program in the UK
Infectivity of Omicron BA.5 Comparison with Original Strain and Other Mutated Strain of SARS-CoV-2 in Japan
Special Issue on COVID-19 and Historical Pandemics Part 3

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