The Next Generation of Seismic Isolation
Going Beyond Seismic Design Dominated by Earthquakes
IT Framework for Disaster Mitigation Information Sharing
An Analysis of a Local Government’s Disaster Response Activity Records from the Viewpoint of Information Management
Participatory Risk Communication Method for Risk Governance Using Disaster Risk Scenarios
The Development and Validation of Disaster Response Competency Profile Indices
Development of Planning Support System for Urban Rehabilitation and Reconstruction
Pre-Disaster Restoration Measure of Preparedness for Post-Disaster Restoration in Tokyo
Estimation of Seismic Shutoff of Intelligent Gas Meters in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
An Emergency Restoration Model for Water Supply Network Damage due to Earthquakes
Household Recovery Consulting Using Household Recovery Support Chart in Anamizu Town After the March 2007 Noto Peninsula Earthquake
Building Damage Inspection Analysis in the 2007 Niigata Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake, Kashiwazaki: Self-Inspection Analysis for Damage Evaluation
Special Issue on Crisis Management Following Tokyo Metropolitan Near Field Earthquake Disaster
Damage to Seisho Bypass due to Storm Waves During Typhoon 0709
Recent Peat Fire Activity in the Mega Rice Project Area, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia
Using Game Technique as a Strategy in Promoting Disaster Awareness in Caribbean Multicultural Societies: The Disaster Awareness Game
Development of Disaster Management Robots for Use in Investigating Nuclear Accidents
Mitigation Systems by Hazard Maps, Mitigation Plans, and Risk Analyses Regarding Volcanic Disasters in Japan
Ruapehu Lahar New Zealand 18 March 2007: Lessons for Hazard Assessment and Risk Mitigation 1995-2007
The Heisei Eruption of Mt. Unzen-Fugendake and Measures Against Volcanic Disasters
First Steps in Understanding Caldera Forming Eruptions
Arsenic Originating in Kusatsu Hot Springs, Gunma, Japan, and Arsenic Pollution Status of Kusatsu Rivers
Real-Time Eruption Magnitude Estimation from Far-Field Geodetic Data: A Proposal for Volcanic Early Warning
Special Issue on Volcanic Disasters
Destruction and Recovery of Vegetation Caused by the 2000-Year Eruption on Miyake-Jima Island, Japan
Conservation and Management of the Asian Crested Ibis in China
Decreasing Processes and Conservation of Floodplain Species
Contamination Status and Toxicological Implications of Persistent Toxic Substances in Avian Species
International and National Problems in Fisheries Seabird By-Catch
Threats to Indigenous Biota from Introduced Species on the Bonin Islands, Southern Japan
Extinction, the Causes of Extinction and the Conservation of Biodiversity
Special Issue on Extinction of Organisms
Factors Associated with Hurricane Preparedness: Results of a Pre-Hurricane Assessment
Impacts of Recent Climate Change on Flood Disaster and Preventive Measures
Past Evaluation and Future Projection of Sea Level Rise Related to Climate Change Around Japan
Great Water Temperature Changes of 1.5C per Decade in Tokyo Bay, Japan – its Causes and Consequences –
Global Warming and Vector-borne Infectious Diseases
Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity
Special Issue on Climate Change (Part 2)
HARIMAU Radar-Profiler Network over the Indonesian Maritime Continent: A GEOSS Early Achievement for Hydrological Cycle and Disaster Prevention
Convective Activity and Moisture Variation During Field Experiment MISMO in the Equatorial Indian Ocean
Mesoscale Precipitation Systems Along the Meiyu/Baiu Front and Future Expectation for Research Radar and Weather Radar Network
Long-Term Changes in Precipitation in Japan
Potential Changes in Extreme Events Under Global Climate Change
Numerical Simulations of Heavy Rainfalls by a Global Cloud-Resolving Model
Maximum Potential Intensity of Tropical Cyclones Derived from Numerical Experiments Using the Community Climate System Model (CCSM3)
Effects of Global Warming on Heavy Rainfall During the Baiu Season Projected by a Cloud-System-Resolving Model
Global Warming Projection by an Atmospheric Global Model with 20-km Grid
Special Issue on Climate Change (Part 1)

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