Trends of Tweets on the Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic
Traffic Impacts of On-Street Parking Cars on Secondary North-South Streets in Downtown Yangon
Considerations on Relationship Between Central and Local Governments During Huge Disasters – Necessity and Application of Special Rules on Evacuation Measures and Relief –
Justification of Possible Casualty-Reduction Countermeasures Based on Global Tsunami Hazard Assessment for Tsunami-Prone Regions over the Past 400 Years
Evacuation Behavior: Why Do Some People Never Evacuate to a Cyclone Shelter During an Emergency? A Case Study of Coastal Bangladesh
The Disaster-Management Capabilities of Local Governments: A Case Study in Indonesia
Public Private Partnership Operational Model – A Conceptual Study on Implementing Scientific-Evidence-Based Integrated Risk Management at Regional Level
Mathematical Model for Locating a Pre-Positioned Warehouse and for Calculating Inventory Levels
Weather Conditions and Warm Air Masses in Southern Sakha During Active Forest Fire Periods
Ku-Band High-Speed Scanning Doppler Radar for Volcanic Eruption Monitoring
Conveying Volcano Information Effectively to Stakeholders – A New Project for Promotion of Next Generation Volcano Research
A Simple Procedure for Measuring Magma Rheology
Evaluating Volcanic Hazard Risk Through Numerical Simulations
Feasibility Study on a Multi-Channeled Seismometer System with Phase-Shifted Optical Interferometry for Volcanological Observations
Significance of Electromagnetic Surveys at Active Volcanoes: Toward Evaluating the Imminence of Wet Eruptions
Development of a Data Sharing System for Japan Volcanological Data Network
Special Issue on Integrated Program for Next Generation Volcano Research and Human Resource Development
Message from the Winner
Presenting the Fourth JDR Award
Congratulations! The Fourth JDR Award
The Earthquake in Ōsaka-Fu Hokubu on 18 June 2018 and its Ensuing Disaster
Observed Hospital Damages Following the 2014 Mae Lao (Northern Thailand) Earthquake: A Survey Report
Floods in Southern Thailand in December 2016 and January 2017
Effectiveness of the Submersible Embankment in Haor Area in Bangladesh
High Resolution Numerical Model for Salinity Transport in Rivers During a Tsunami Attack
Community Proactivity in Disaster Preparation: Research Based on Two Communities in Japan
International Joint Research on Antifungal Resistant Fungi: Collaborative Studies with the University of Campinas, Brazil
Comprehensive Etiological and Epidemiological Study on Acute Respiratory Infections in Children: Providing Evidence for the Prevention and Control of Childhood Pneumonia in the Philippines
Special Issue on Infectious Disease Control in SATREPS Projects
Approaches of the JICA-AMED SATREPS Project to Controlling Outbreaks of Yellow Fever and Rift Valley Fever in Kenya
Evaluation of Diverse Values of Hydropower
Environmental Impact Assessment Plan Due to Sediment Sluicing at Dams Along Mimikawa River System
Planning and Analysis of Sedimentation Countermeasures in Hydropower Dams Considering Properties of Reservoir Sedimentation
Effectiveness of Flexible Dam Operation and Sediment Replenishment at Managawa Dam, Japan
Free-Flow Sediment Flushing: Insights from Prototype-Scale Studies
Current and Future Study Topics on Reservoir Sediment Management by Bypass Tunnels
Collaborative and Adaptive Dam Operation for Flood Control
Reservoir Operation for Water Supply Considering Operational Ensemble Hydrological Predictions
Quantification of the Risks on Dam Preliminary Release Based on Ensemble Rainfall Forecasts and Determination of Operation
Field Verification and Evaluation of Technology Towards Introduction of Underwater Inspection Vehicle
Comprehensive Inspection of Japanese Dams in Long-Term Operation
Technical Features of Tsuruta Dam Redevelopment Project
Technical Features of Shin-Katsurazawa Dam to Be Coaxially Raised with Existent Dam and Measures to Solve the Problems Involved
Trends in Dam Upgrading in Japan
Special Issue on Expectations for Upgrading Dams Under Operation
Contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility to Post-Disaster Life Recovery of Employees
Area Business Continuity Management Approach to Build Sustainable Communities
A Study on Flood Forecasting in the Upper Indus Basin Considering Snow and Glacier Meltwater
Experience-Based Training in Earthquake Evacuation for School Teachers
Earthquake and Tsunami Scenarios as Basic Information to Prepare Next Nankai Megathrust Earthquakes

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