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JRM Vol.34 No.2 (Apr. 2022)
Special Issue on “Science of Soft Robots”

Submission Deadline: September 20, 2021
Guest Editors: Prof. Koichi Suzumori (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Ryuma Niiyama (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Dr. Kenjiro Fukuda (RIKEN, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Kohei Nakajima (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
More details: JRMCFP_34-2.pdf
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Soft robotics is currently one of the most active fields in robotics. While traditional robots consist of rigid bodies, powerful servomotors, and carefully coded programs to realize power, precision, and reliability, soft robots consist of soft and flexible bodies, actuators, and intelligence to realize adaptability and flexibilities. These differences between traditional robotics and soft robotics have great potential to lead to a new field in robotics. We welcome papers pertaining to any of the following topics: soft robot design, bio-inspired soft robots, continuum mechanics, soft materials, flexible electronics, soft mechanisms, 4D printing, soft actuators, soft sensors, soft robot control, soft computing, physical reservoir computing, etc.

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