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JRM Vol.33 No.2, Apr. 2021

Special Issue on “Novel Technology of Autonomous Drone”

Submission Deadline: September 20, 2020 受付終了Closed
Editors: Assoc. Prof. Satoshi Suzuki (Chiba University, Japan)
Guest Editors: Prof. Kenzo Nonami (Advanced Robotics Foundation, Japan)
More details: JRMCFP_33-2.pdf
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In the last two years, the use of drones has advanced rapidly. Drones are becoming an indispensable tool in various industrial fields, such as surveying, inspection, and agriculture. At the same time, autonomous drone technology has also made rapid progress, with the unprecedented appearance of intelligent drones that combine image processing technology with AI technology. In this special issue, we are calling for papers on the latest autonomous drone technologies, especially intelligent drones.

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Last updated on Sep. 21, 2021