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JRM Vol.32 No.3, Jun. 2020

Special Issue on “Innovative Robotics and Mechatronics Technology of Modern Passenger Cars for Zeroing Traffic Accidents”

Submission Deadline: December 20, 2019
Guest Editors: Prof. Hidehisa Yoshida (National Defense Academy of Japan, Japan)
Prof. Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
More details: JRMCFP_32-3.pdf
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The Science Council of Japan’s 2008 Report, “Aiming for a Zero Traffic Accidents Society,” states that “it is necessary to establish various driver-assisting technologies on the assumption that people make mistakes,” “for advanced driving-assisting technologies, coordination between human operation and machine assistance, and social acceptability need to be evaluated,” and “new driving assistance by introduction of robotic technology and application of limited automatic driving should be considered in the future.” A wide array robotic technologies are expected to contribute to, not only providing intelligence to passenger cars and transport vehicles and their advance but also activities creating a rich future for the transportation of people and materials. Over the past decade, researchers and engineers have made many attempts to achieve this. Now, looking toward the Tokyo Olympics, we call for papers for JRM’s special issue, “Innovative Robotics and Mechatronics Technology of Modern Passenger Cars for Zeroing Traffic Accidents.”

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