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JRM Vol.31 No.3, Jun. 2019 [締切延長]

Special Issue on “Education Based on Practical Exercise on Sensing and Control“

Submission Deadline: November 20, 2018December 20, 2018
Editors: Prof. Shoichiro Fujisawa (Tokushima Bunri University, Japan)
Guest Editors: Assoc. Prof. Kazuo Kawada (Hiroshima University, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Yoshihiro Ohnishi (Ehime University, Japan)
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Control engineering and instrumentation engineering have significantly contributed to the improvement of industrial productivity, saving of resources and energy, and enrichment of our lives. They have become important cross-cutting study fields not only covering engineering but also having strong relations with the environment, society, and economy. Therefore, various studies have been conducted on the educational methods of related technologies at educational institutes and companies. With this background, we planned this special issue with the latest studies on the instruction and evaluation methods for education on control engineering, instrumentation engineering, and control technologies, expecting its contribution to further development in the future.

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