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JRM Vol.29 No.3, Jun. 2017 [締切再々延長]

Special Issue on “Dynamically and Biologically Inspired Legged Locomotion”

Submission Deadline: December 5, 2016 January 31, 2017
Guest Editors: Prof. Tetsuya Kinugasa (Okayama University of Science, Japan)
Prof. Koh Hosoda (Osaka University, Japan)
Prof. Masatsugu Iribe (Osaka Electro-Communication University, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Fumihiko Asano (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Assoc. Prof. Yasuhiro Sugimoto (Osaka University, Japan)
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Legged locomotion, such as walking, running, turning, and jumping depends strongly on dynamics and the biological characteristics of the body involved. Gait patterns and energy efficiency, for example, are known to be greatly affected by not only travel speed and ground contact conditions but also body structure such as joint stiffness and coordination, and foot sole shape. To understand legged locomotion principles, we must clarify how the body’s dynamic and biological characteristics affect locomotion. Efforts must also be made to incorporate these characteristics inventively to improve locomotion performance, such as robustness, adaptability, and efficiency, which realize more refined legged locomotion. For this upcoming special issue, we are inviting our readers to submit papers on ways to achieve legged locomotion based on dynamic and biological characteristics and studies that investigate the effects of these characteristics.

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