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JDR Vol.18 No.6, Sep. 2023

Special Issue on the 100th Anniversary of the Great Kanto Earthquake

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2023
Editors: 林 春男(防災科学技術研究所) Dr. Haruo Hayashi (NIED) 越村俊一(東北大学) Prof. Shunichi Koshimura (Tohoku University)
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[in Japanese]
1923(大正12)年9月1日に、我が国首都圏は関東大地震に見舞われた。極めて大きな震災・火災が発生した。死者は約10万5千人 [1]、経済損害は国民総生産(GNP)の3割以上であったとされている [2]。
この地震発生から1か月後の10月1日に、この大震災・大火災を記録した書籍が発行されている [3]。この書籍の序の一つを震災予防調査会委員・今村明恒(いまむら あきつね)理学博士が記述している。
この書籍の理念はJournal of Disaster Research(JDR)にひきつがれている。JDRでは、関東大震災の発生から100年が経過したことを記念した特別号を企画した。JDRの特別号としては、11号目である。

[1] 内閣府、「防災情報のページ:報告書(1923関東大震災)」。 [Accessed December 20, 2022]
[2] 『調査と情報』、第709号、国立国会図書館、2011年。
[3] 『大正大震災大火災』、大日本雄弁会・講談社、大正12(1923)年9月27日印刷、10月1日発行。

[in English]
On September 1, 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck in the Tokyo metropolitan area of Japan. This was an extremely powerful earthquake that caused a great fire. The death toll was approximately 105,000 [1], and the economic loss was estimated to have exceeded 30% of the gross national product [2].
On October 1, one month after the earthquake, a book documenting the earthquake disaster was published [3]. One of the introductions to the book was written by Dr. Akitsune Imamura, a member of the Disaster Prevention Research Committee.
Dr. Imamura pointed out the “lack of awareness of disaster prevention and the public interest,” further describing the damage as “consequences for not believing in science and not respecting the study of earthquakes.” However, he also said that “the heavens deemed us strong enough to bear such a great disaster and resilient enough to overcome this calamity,” and that “we should be honored by this ordeal and hope to break through this hardship of calamity and turn into fortune.”
The philosophy of this book continues in the Journal of Disaster Research (JDR). The JDR has planned a special issue, its 11th, to commemorate years since the Great Kanto Earthquake.
While previous special issues have focused on specific disasters, this special issue will focus on the lessons and findings from the catastrophe and will cover even the progress of disaster research since then. We hope to receive important and thought-provoking manuscripts not only on scientific and engineering aspects but also on social and cultural aspects, including comparisons with other disasters, historical views, reconstruction issues, and future perspectives.
Special issues of the JDR are electronic, and there is no charge for publication. We look forward to the submission of manuscripts in a wide range of categories, including review articles, notes, research reports, etc.

[1] Cabinet Office, “Disaster Prevention Related Information – Reports (1923 Great Kanto Earthquake),” [Accessed December 20, 2022]
[2] “Issue Brief,” No.709, National Diet Library, 2011.
[3] “Great Earthquake and Great Fire of Taisho,” Dai Nihon Yuben Kai, Kodansha, September 27, 1923 (printed), October 1, 1923 (published).

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