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JDR Vol.16 No.6, Sep. 2021

東日本大震災特集VI・ノート特別号~10年が経過して現在想うこと~; Special Issue on the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster: Part VI Limited Edition of Notes – Thoughts about the Great Disaster Now that Ten Years Have Passed

Submission Deadline: May 11, 2021
Editors: 瀧口克己(東京工業大学名誉教授) Prof. Katsuki Takiguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
林 春男(防災科学技術研究所)  Dr. Haruo Hayashi (NIED)
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[in Japanese]
災害に関する研究には、社会に対する俯瞰的、包括的な視点が不可欠である。しかしながら、災害を総合的に取り扱う学術誌が見当たらなかった。Journal of Disaster Research (JDR)は、この背景のなかで、災害研究総合学術誌として、2006年8月に、創刊号Vol.1 No.1を刊行した。年6号の定期刊行を原則としているが、特別号、増刊号が追加される年もある。JDR創刊5年後の2011年の3月に東日本大震災が発生した。その時、JDRでは、甚大災害が発生した場合には特別号を発行することにした。論文、記事等の掲載料は無料とし、形態は電子版とした。

[in English]
A bird’s-eye view and a comprehensive perspective on society are indispensable for research on disasters, over and above professional knowledge of the specific fields. However, it has traditionally been difficult to find an academic journal that comprehensively deals with disasters.
Against this backdrop, a new academic journal was planned, the Journal of Disaster Research (JDR), to deal with disasters comprehensively. The first issue, JDR Vol.1, No.1, was published in August 2006. In principle, six issues a year are published regularly, but special issues or extra editions may be added as needed.
The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in March 2011, five years after the first issue of the JDR. It was then that the JDR decided to publish a special issue whenever there was a serious disaster.
In a special issue, there is no publication charge for papers and articles, and the digital format is used.
In 2021, on the tenth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the JDR plans special issue VI, a limited edition of notes. The topic is “thoughts about the Great Disaster now that ten years have passed.”
The JDR, an academic journal that comprehensively deals with disasters, is calling, with no subject or field limitations, for notes. The notes may discuss “what has changed,” “what has not changed,” “what perspective is needed for the future,” etc. and may include opinions, analyses, and impressions.
The JDR hopes to receive a large number of submissions from all fields related to disasters.

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