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IJAT Vol.14 No.2, March 5, 2020

Special Issue on Advanced Material Driven Design of Machine Tools

Submission Deadline: July 28, 2019
Editors: Prof. Dr. Konrad Wegener, IWF ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Atsushi Matsubara, Kyoto University, Japan
More details: IJATVol.14No.2CFP_Material Driven Design.pdf
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The design of machine tools strongly depends on the materials chosen. Increasing demands placed on machine tools require the joint optimization of materials and design, which in turn drives the
development of new materials in the field. Digital technologies finally creating a digital shadow of the machine in development also enable the co-development of materials and design with dynamic,
thermal, and long-term influences and behaviors taking into consideration, and this co-development enables in turn state and health monitoring to increase the performance of the machine tool to its
full potential. Meanwhile, newly developed concepts in materials, including metamaterials with previously unknown and unexploited properties, become available for application.
This special issue focusing on the design of machine tools and machine tool elements driven by advanced materials invites papers in the following areas:
– Applications of polymer-based materials, composite materials (e.g., fiber reinforced materials), ceramics, porous materials, biological materials, etc.
– Metamaterial design and application
– CAE-based design and methodological design
– Topology optimization
– Manufacturing technology
– Evaluation methods for elements and machines
– Design technologies for lightweight, high-stiffness, high-damping, thermally-stable structures
– New structural and /or functional materials
– Structure- and material-related state and health monitoring
– Material behavior in typical machine tool applications
– Integration of functionalities
– Effects of additive manufacturing

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