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IJAT Vol.18 No.3, May 5, 2024

Special Issue on Advanced Metal Cutting Technologies

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2023
Editors: Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Sasahara, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
Prof. Dr. Takashi Matsumura, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
More details: IJATVol.18No.3CFP_Advanced_Metal.pdf.pdf
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Cutting technologies are utilized in many industrial sectors, such as the automobile, aircraft, medical device, and die and mold manufacturing sectors, among others. The requirements for higher geometrical accuracy, better surface integrity, and longer component service life have substantially increased. Higher machining efficiency is also required. At the same time, environmental considerations, such as the reduction of power consumption and CO2 emissions during machining, are important for sustainable development. As a result, considerable vigorous and ongoing cutting research is being conducted.

This special issue will cover cutting technologies for metal and newer composite materials. It will collect contributions related but not limited to the following topics: new machining methods, tool evaluation, the relationship between cutting fluid and machining characteristics, the monitoring of machining conditions, the simulation of machining processes, process design, the evaluation of machined surfaces, chatter and vibration, machining accuracy and efficiency, machine tool characteristics, etc.

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