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IJAT Vol.17 No.5, September 5, 2023

Special Issue on The Latest Machine Tool and Manufacturing Technologies

Submission Deadline: January 31, 2023
Editors: Prof. Dr. Hayato Yoshioka, The University of Tokyo, Japan
More details: IJATVol.17No.5CFP_MachineTool.pdf.pdf
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Social demands for manufacturing systems are constantly changing with the times. In recent years, environmental and social issues have been compelling these systems to realize high productivity and high quality while reducing energy consumption and helping older operators. To meet these diverse demands, innovative technologies for production systems must be developed. Manufacturing systems are constructed based on various fundamental and innovative technologies.
This special issue focuses on state-of-the-art machine tools and manufacturing technologies to accelerate innovation in production engineering. It includes the following topics.
*Structure and drive systems in machine tools
*CAD/CAM, multi-axes control, and process planning technologies
*Machining processes, tooling systems, and process monitoring technologies
*Scheduling, AI, and information technologies
*Sustainable development, carbon neutrality, and energy consumption technologies
*Other related technologies

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