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IJAT Vol.17 No.4, July 5, 2023

Special Issue on Recent Trends in Additive Manufacturing

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2022
Editors: Prof. Dr. Tatsuaki Furumoto, Kanazawa University, Japan Prof. Dr. Hiroyuki Sasahara, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan
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Additive manufacturing (AM) has undergone rapid development in the last decade, and it has been recognized as a remarkable scientific and industrial technique owing to its capacity to produce parts with complex and functional geometries. Various materials, such as polymers, metals, ceramics, and graphite can be employed to produce end products. However, the lack of intended fusion and the formation of defects during layer construction, due to the continuous fluctuations caused by the interaction of the heat source and material, are drawbacks of this technique. The quality assurance of built parts is therefore critical if the technique is to be further applied in various industrial fields.

This special issue focuses on recent trends in additive manufacturing in order to increase the chatter-free depth of AM technologies. Authors should exhibit a deep understanding of AM processes and their enhancement in order to improve the mechanical properties and dimensional accuracies of built parts. We are also interested in successful industrial applications with optimized configurations, hybrid processes, robotics, material reuse, post processes, and material developments applied to AM techniques.

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