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IJAT Vol.16 No.2, March 5, 2022

Special Issue on Self-Optimizing Machining Systems

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2021 [Extension!] July 30, 2021
Guest Editors: Prof. Dr. Yasuhiro Kakinuma, Keio University, Japan Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daisuke Kono, Kyoto University, Japan
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The idea of Self-Optimizing Machining Systems (SOMS) has been proposed in the
era of Industry 4.0. In order to optimize for productivity, quality, and efficiency
in manufacturing, each component technology related to machining processes such
as CAD/CAM, process modeling/simulation, machine tool use, process monitoring/
control, workpiece assessment, etc. has been developed independently, although
the interactions among these component technologies determine the final
machining performance and the quality of the products. SOMS deals with the
information links among these components. Viewed from the opposite side, these
links and functionalities could be combined to develop comprehensive SOMS.
Nevertheless, an intensive implementation and combination of these technologies
has yet to catch up with the state-of-the-art industrial level. Industry 4.0 requires
that SOMS undergo further research and development.

This Special Issue focuses on SOMS research trends, with an emphasis on the
interactions among process modelling/simulation and process monitoring/
control. We hope this Special Issue will contribute to the future research and
development efforts of researchers and engineers in the field of manufacturing and
machining systems.

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