Scheduling Algorithm Using Path Relinking for Production Process with Crane Interference
Research on the Positioning and Recognition of an Intelligent Inspection Robot in Substations
Development of High-Speed Rotation Polishing System with Slurry Confinement and Friction-State Control
Finishing Speed Improvement Using Side Cover Plates in Gyro Finishing
Slurry Conditions for Reaction-Induced Slurry-Assisted Grinding of Optical Glass Lens
Effects of Bit Shape of Electroplated Diamond Tool Used for Drilling Small Diameter Holes in Glass Plate on Machining Fluid Flow and Chip Discharge
Evaluation of Dressing Condition Based on Quantification of Grinding Wheel Surface Conditions
Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Microscopic Wheel Surface Topography in Creep Feed Grinding Using Ceramics Grinding Wheel
Influence of the Impact Angle on Machining in Powder Jet Processing
Special Issue on Advanced Abrasive Processing Technologies

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