Cutting Force in Peripheral Milling of Additively Manufactured Maraging Steel
Effect of Powder Mold Release Agent on Aluminum Alloy Melt Under Gravity Casting Conditions
Spiral Groove Machining Through Wire Electrical Discharge Machining with Two Rotary Axes
Generation of a Robot Program and Determination of an Optimal Workpiece Placement Considering the Manipulability of Industrial Robots
Milling of Sintered Carbide via Electrochemical Reaction – Investigation of Machining Phenomena –
Study on Method for Avoiding Chatter Vibration by Changing Machine Tool Rigidity
Action Research on a Locally Oriented Sustainable Product
Identifying Potential Areas for Circular Economy Development from the Perspective of Developing Economies: Using Patent and Bibliometric Analyses
An Analysis of Practices and Challenges for Plastic Recycling Industry in Malaysia
The Diffusion of Remanufacturing Policies in Asia
Sustainable Design Implementation – Measuring Environmental Impact and User Responsibility
Extraction and Design of Favorite Products Through Analyzing Customer Latent Preferences
Exploring the Impact of IoT and Green Advertising on Consumer Behavior
Defect Detection in Multiple Product Variants Using Hammering Test with Machine Learning
Challenges of Remanufacturing Using Powder Bed Fusion Based Additive Manufacturing
Visual Identification-Based Spark Recognition System
Influence of Agitator Shape on Characteristics and Grinding Efficiency of Attritor Mill
Analysis of Substance Flow and the Transition of Industrial Structure of Indium in Japan
Estimation of Relative Resource Circulation for Heat Exchangers Using Material Flow Analysis for Air Conditioners
Variability Specific to a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Product Deterioration
Life Cycle Simulation Method to Support Strategic Management that Considers Social Goals
Analysis of Business Feasibility for Introduction of Retread Tires in Passenger Cars
Life Cycle Analysis of Material Efficiency Strategies for Network Goods
New Indicators ‘Acircularity’ and ‘Resource Efficiency Account’ to Evaluate the Efforts of Eco-Design in Circular Economy
Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2022 and The Special Paper Award 2022
Investigation of Air Filter Properties of Flash-Spinning Nanofiber Non-Woven Fabric
Enhancing the Shape Complexity in Direct Energy Deposition with Phased Deformation
A Compound Control Algorithm for Height Following of Laser Cutting Head
Motion Analysis of Lathe Machining Work Using a Digital Position Display Device
Mechanical Joining with Aluminum Part by 3D Printing of Polylactic Acid and Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene Parts for Fabrication of Multi-Material Parts
Simplified Prediction of Melt Pool Shape in Metal Additive Manufacturing Using Maraging Steel
Process of Straightening by Three-Point and Four-Point Bending for Curved Brass Rack
Design and Prototyping of Biaxial Flexible Support Table for Fine Positioning Through Controlled Magnetic Attraction Forces
A MEMS Device Integrating Multiple Cantilever Displacement Sensors to Evaluate Flat Machined Surfaces
Design and Testing of a Compact Optical Angle Sensor for Pitch Deviation Measurement of a Scale Grating with a Small Angle of Diffraction
Statistics-Based Measuring Point Selection for Monitoring the Thermal Deformation of a Workpiece in End-Milling
Elucidation of Drilling Behavior on Workpiece Superimposed with Ultrasonic Vibration
High-Precision Small-Diameter Deep Hole Drilling Using Cooling and Step Feed in PEEK Resin
Feasibility Study of EDM-Assisted Combined Turning for Unidirectional CFRP
Effect of Cutting Fluid on Tool Wear in Finished Surface Formation Area of Rounded Nosed Tool When Turning Alloy 304
High-Efficiency Machining of Titanium Alloy Using Combined Machining Method of Driven Rotary Tool and Hale Machining
Special Issue on Recent Progress in Manufacturing Technology
Posture Evaluation Based on Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics of Parallel Link Type Machine Tool
Development of a Sharp-Tipped L-Shaped Stylus for Measurement of Nanoscale Sidewall Features
Examination of Hemispherical Shell Stator for Lightweight Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
Development of Bipolar Electrostatic Chuck with a Beam-Array Assembly Fabricated by Lithography
Bipolar Electrostatic Driving of Isolated Micro-Resonator for Sensing High Voltage of Battery Output with Resolution
Control of Spindle Position and Stiffness of Aerostatic-Bearing-Type Air Turbine Spindle
Design and Fabrication of Micro Gripper Using Functional Fluid Power

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