Posture Evaluation Based on Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics of Parallel Link Type Machine Tool
Development of a Sharp-Tipped L-Shaped Stylus for Measurement of Nanoscale Sidewall Features
Examination of Hemispherical Shell Stator for Lightweight Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
Development of Bipolar Electrostatic Chuck with a Beam-Array Assembly Fabricated by Lithography
Bipolar Electrostatic Driving of Isolated Micro-Resonator for Sensing High Voltage of Battery Output with Resolution
Control of Spindle Position and Stiffness of Aerostatic-Bearing-Type Air Turbine Spindle
Design and Fabrication of Micro Gripper Using Functional Fluid Power
Model Predictive Displacement Control Tuning for Tap-Water-Driven Artificial Muscle by Inverse Optimization with Adaptive Model Matching and its Contribution Analyses
Pneumatically-Controlled Linear Actuator Using Pressure-Resistant, Thin-Walled Metal Bellows and its Application
Food Texture Measurement System Using Rod Type Actuator for Imitation of Human Mastication
New Control Parametrization Strategy for Flexible Feed Drives
Magnetic Levitation Technology for Precision Motion Systems: A Review and Future Perspectives
Special Issue on State-of-the-Art Actuators: Design, Analysis, Control, Materials, Systems, and Applications
Forming of Multiple Straight Convex Shapes on Aluminum Sheet Using Impulsive Water Pressure
Improved Synchronous Motion of Linear and Rotary Axes While Avoiding Torque Saturation Under a Constant Feed Speed Vector at the Endmilling Point – Investigation of Motion Error Under Numerical Control Commanded Motion –
Reverse Engineering Algorithm for Cutting of Ruled Geometries by Wire
Study of the Load Forecasting of a Wet Mill Based on the CEEMDAN-Refined Composite Multiscale Dispersion Entropy and LSTM Nerve Net
Performance Evaluation of Low-Cost Vibration Sensors in Industrial IoT Applications
Production System Evaluation Method Considering Worker Taking Childcare
Energy Consumption Rate Evaluation Method Considering Occurrence of Defective Products and Misjudgment of Inspection Machine in Production Line
Multi-Objective Approach with a Distance Metric in Genetic Programming for Job Shop Scheduling
Improving Remote Spatial Understanding by Transmitting Spherical Images via Video Chat Applications
On-Machine Tool Condition Monitoring System Using Image Processing
Application of Metaheuristics to Packing Formation Support Systems of Pre-Cut Lumber Factory
Identification of a Practical Digital Twin for Simulation of Machine Tools
Digital Tools Integration and Human Resources Development for Smart Factories
Special Issue on Smart Factory
Tool Wear and Surface Roughness Characteristics in the High-Speed Milling of Pure Ti and Ti Alloy Using TiAlN Coated Carbide Radius End Mill
A Study on Demand Forecasting of Wholesale Markets of Lettuces for Production Planning in Plant Factories
Pose Estimation of a Small Connector Attached to the Tip of a Cable Sticking Out of a Circuit Board
Viewpoint Planning for Object Identification Using Visual Experience According to Long-Term Activity
Airframe Design Optimization and Simulation of a Flying Car for Medical Emergencies
A Study on Anomaly Detection of Water-Soluble Coolant Using Internal-Sensors
Quantitative Evaluation of Machined-Surface Gloss Using Visual Simulation and its Application to Sensory Test
Measurement of Machine Tool Two-Dimensional Error Motions Using Direction-Regulated Laser Interferometers
Reduction of the Influence of Non-Repeatable Run-Out in XY Plane of Machining Surface
Prediction of Gloss in Plastic Injection Parts Based on 3D Surface Roughness from Virtual Machining with Artificial Neural Networks
Sensor-Integrated Tool for Self-Optimizing Single-Lip Deep Hole Drilling
Special Issue on Self-Optimizing Machining Systems
Power Consumption Simulation of Servo Motors Focusing on the Influence of Mechanical Vibration on Motor Efficiency
Effect of Grain Size on Change in Surface Roughness of Carbon Steels Through Polishing Processes
Rotary Cutting with Ultrasonic Vibration of Hardened Steel
Surface Texturing Technique Based on Ultrasonic Turning for Improving Tribological Properties
Development of Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Magnetic Compound Fluid (MCF) Polishing Technology
Polishing Performance of a Recycled Grinding Wheel Using Grinding Wheel Scraps for the Wet Polishing of Stainless-Steel Sheets
Polishing Characteristics and Mechanism of Polishing Glass Substrate Using Suede Pad with Fine Micrometer-Sized Pores
Effect of Types of Grinding Fluid on Grinding Characteristics of CMSX4
Effect of the Abrasive Grain Distribution on Ground Surface Roughness
Optimization of Nano-Topography Distribution by Compensation Grinding
ELID Mirror Surface Grinding for Concave Molds by Conductive Elastic Wheel Containing Carbon Black

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