Power Consumption Simulation of Servo Motors Focusing on the Influence of Mechanical Vibration on Motor Efficiency
Effect of Grain Size on Change in Surface Roughness of Carbon Steels Through Polishing Processes
Rotary Cutting with Ultrasonic Vibration of Hardened Steel
Surface Texturing Technique Based on Ultrasonic Turning for Improving Tribological Properties
Development of Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Magnetic Compound Fluid (MCF) Polishing Technology
Polishing Performance of a Recycled Grinding Wheel Using Grinding Wheel Scraps for the Wet Polishing of Stainless-Steel Sheets
Polishing Characteristics and Mechanism of Polishing Glass Substrate Using Suede Pad with Fine Micrometer-Sized Pores
Effect of Types of Grinding Fluid on Grinding Characteristics of CMSX4
Effect of the Abrasive Grain Distribution on Ground Surface Roughness
Optimization of Nano-Topography Distribution by Compensation Grinding
ELID Mirror Surface Grinding for Concave Molds by Conductive Elastic Wheel Containing Carbon Black
Evaluation of the Relationship Among Dressing Conditions Using Prismatic Dresser, Dressing Resistance, and Grinding Characteristics
Microscopic Wear Characteristics of Ceramic Grinding Wheel in Creep Feed Grinding
Special Issue on High Performance Abrasive Technologies

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