Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Controlled Machining of Free-Form Surfaces Using a Barrel Tool Considering Continuity of Tool Postures
Flexible Fiber Conditioner for Fine Conditioning of Polishing Pad and its Evaluation in Chemical Mechanical Polishing: Verification of SUS-FFC on Soft Urethane Foam Pad and Proposal of PEEK-FFC
Fabrication of Release Agent Supply Die with Porous Structure Using Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing
On-Machine Estimation of Workholding State for Thin-Walled Parts
Statistical Modelling of Machining Error for Model-Based Elastomer End-Milling
Fast Cutter Accessibility Analysis Using Ray Tracing Cores of GPU
A Novel Method for 3D Nanoscale Tracking of 100 nm Polystyrene Particles in Multi-Wavelength Evanescent Fields Microscopy – Absolute Difference Height Verification –
Feasibility Study of Performance Assessment Gauge for Freeform Measurement
Reversing Behavior of Planetary Gear Train Influenced by Support Stiffness of Driving Shaft
Optimization of Cutting Tool Allocation to Enhance Workload Balance and Total Completion Time in Parallel-Type FMS
Surrounding Structure Estimation Using Ambient Light
Comparison of Two Parallel Offsetting Algorithms Free from Conflicts Between Threads
Realization of Swing Manipulation by 3-DOF Robot Arm for Unknown String via Parameter Estimation and Motion Generation
Simulation of Energy Consumption During Machine Tool Operations Based on NC Data
Reconfigurable Production Line Design Method for Human Workers – Robotic Cell Collaborated Line Considering Worker’s Attitude Toward Work
Special Issue on Advanced Precision Engineering for Digital Transformation
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2021
Laser Cutting Defect Recognition Using Conversion of Processing Light Information into Spectrogram Images – Spectroscopic Measurements in Multiple Work Surface Conditions and Extraction of Spectral Data Features Based on Processing Principle –
In-Process Height Displacement Measurement Using Crossed Line Beams for Process Control of Laser Wire Deposition
Design Concept and Structural Configuration of Magnetic Levitation Stage with Z-Assist System
Design, Fabrication, and Performance Analysis of a Vertically Suspended Soft Manipulator
Online Monitoring Method for Mold Deformation Using Mahalanobis Distance
Experienced Challenges When Implementing Collaborative Robot Applications in Assembly Operations
Imitation Learning System Design with Small Training Data for Flexible Tool Manipulation
Reactive Scheduling Based on Adaptive Manipulator Operations in a Job Shop Configuration with Two Machines
High-Precision Mobile Robotic Manipulator for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
Multi-Layer Quality Inspection System Framework for Industry 4.0
Vibration Mode and Motion Trajectory Simulations of an Articulated Robot by a Dynamic Model Considering Joint Bearing Stiffness
Kinematic Tool-Path Smoothing for 6-Axis Industrial Machining Robots
Machining Performance of Robot-Type Machine Tool Consisted of Parallel and Serial Links Based on Calibration of Kinematics Parameters
Kinematic Modeling of Six-Axis Industrial Robot and its Parameter Identification: A Tutorial
Quasi-Static Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Positioning Error Calibration of Industrial Robots Based on Random Forest
Evaluation of Kinematic and Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Special Issue on New Technologies for Robotic Manipulators and Their Industrial Applications
Electrical System Design and Fault Analysis of Machine Tool Based on Automatic Control
A Study on Optimal Voltage of Electromagnet for Precision Measuring Robot During Surface Roughness Measurement by Vibration Analysis
Measurement Range Expansion of Chromatic Confocal Probe with Supercontinuum Light Source
Generation Method of Cutting Tool Paths for High-Speed and High-Quality Machining of Free-Form Surfaces
Optimization in Milling of Polymer Materials for High Quality Surfaces
Study on the SUAM Double Magnet System for Polishing
First Step Toward Laser Micromachining Realization by Photonic Nanojet in Water Medium
Morphology of Cleaved Surface and Observation of In Situ Crack Propagation During Cleaving
Machinability Investigation for Cellulose Nanofiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite by Ultraprecision Diamond Turning
Control of Fine Cutting Chips to Improve the Processing Environment in CFRP Drilling
Effect of Vibration Direction of Ultrasonic Vibrating Cutting Edge on Internal Stress Fluctuation of Workpiece
Machining Temperature and Accuracy of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 with Deep-Hole Small Drilling
Analytical Model for Studying the Influence of Thickness on the Protective Effect
Change in Edge Radius of Cutting Tool from Surface Tension Between Solid Materials
Development of High-Performance Polycrystalline CVD Diamond-Coated Cutting Tools Using Femtosecond Lasers

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