Theoretical Verification of Film Forming in Local Electroplating Process with Electrolyte Suction Tool
High Speed Machining of Inconel 718 with High Pressure Coolant Focusing on Material Structures of CBN Tools
Automated Tool Path Generation for Roughing Using Flat Drill
The Detection of Unfused Powder in EBM and SLM Additive Manufactured Components
Method of Priority Order for Simultaneous Solar-Derived Power Usage at a Solar-Powered House and Neighborhood
Model-Based Deterioration Estimation with Cyber Physical System
Environmentally Sound Recovery of Gold from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Using Organic Aqua Regia
Environmental and Economic Evaluation of a Mechanical Biological Treatment System for a Small and Medium-Sized Waste Treatment Facility Considering the Karatsu Smart Disaster-Resilience Base Construction Project
Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Car Sharing in Consideration of Uncertainty of Influential Variables
Copper/Silver Recovery from Photovoltaic Panel Sheet by Electrical Dismantling Method
Durability Evaluation of an Additive Manufactured Biodegradable Composite with Continuous Natural Fiber in Various Conditions Reproducing Usage Environment
Estimation of In-Process Power Consumption in Face Milling by Specific Energy Consumption Models
Task Scheduling of Material-Handling Manipulator for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Flow-Type FMS
Remanufacturing Option Selection with Disassembly for Recovery Rate and Profit
Decision Support Method for Upgrade Cycle Planning and Product Architecture Design of an Upgradable Product
Packaging Evaluation of Consumer Electronics Products from Economic, Logistical, and Environmental Perspectives
Defining Requirements on Technology Systems Assessment from Life Cycle Perspectives: Cases on Recycling of Photovoltaic and Secondary Batteries
Data Assimilation Mechanism for Lifecycle Simulation Focusing on Process Behaviors
The Impact of Recyclable Waste Trade Restrictions on Producer Recycling Activities
Activities of Circular Economy in Japan – Towards Global Multi-Value Circulation –
Potential Impacts of the European Union’s Circular Economy Policy on Japanese Manufacturers
Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2020
Solid Fraction Examination at Flow Cessation and Flow Cessation Mechanism of Al-Si-Mg Alloy
Relationship Between Forced Vibration Method and Residual Stress in Die Materials
Improved Algorithm to Trace Boundary Curves on Two-Dimensional Square Meshes
Tool Path Generation for 5-Axis Rough Cutting Using Haptic Device
Transcriptional Characteristics of Quadrant Glitches on Machined Surface – Influence of Tool Diameter and Feed Rate –
Continuous Efforts Leads to a Value for Hypertensive Patients: Development of a Casual Smart Na/K Meter and Smart Na/K Application Linked by NFC to Android
Text Mining to Support Consulting Services for Client Company State Recognition
Patterns for Living Lab Practice: Describing Key Know-How to Promote Service Co-Creation with Users
Simultaneous Determination of Theatrical Casting and Ticket Distribution Using Scheduling Auction
Development of Production Internet Framework for Value Creation
Computational Study on Strategyproofness of Resource Matching in Crowdsourced Manufacturing
Collaboration Strategy for a Decentralized Supply Chain Using Linear Physical Programming
Automatic Construction of Virtual Supply Chain as Multi-Agent System Using Enterprise E-Catalogues
Digital Twin of Artifact Systems: Models Assimilated with Monitoring Data from Material Microstructures to Social Systems
Ontological Descriptions for Integrating Design Information of Product-Service Systems
A Strategic Design Guideline for Open Business Models
Special Issue on Value Creation in Production
Measurement and Compensation of Tool Contour Error Using White Light Interferometry for Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning of Freeform Surfaces
Effective Optical System Assembly Using Ultra-Precise Manufactured References
Study of the Warp Removal Process for a Thin Substrate: Development of a Correction Processing System Using a Freezing Pin Chuck
Hydraulic Micro Device with Force Sensing for Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics
Experimental Analysis and Anti-Sway Control of Jigiri Behavior in a Nursing Lift
Study on the Creation of Fine Periodic Structure on V-Shaped Groove with Short-Pulsed Laser
Influence of Grooved Plate Cross-Sectional Shape on Bending Phenomena in Laser-Quenching Forming Process
Porosity and Tensile Properties of Rhizoid Porous Structure Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
Generation of Biocompatible Titanium Alloy Surfaces Including Calcium and Phosphorus Elements by Laser-Induced Mist Spraying Wet Treatment
Evolution of Chip-Deformation Mechanisms with Increasing Temperature in Laser-Assisted Microcutting of Amorphous Alloy

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