Automated Process Planning System for End Milling Operation Constrained by Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
Study on Infrared Transmittance of Si-Polymer Hybrid Structure Press Molded Using a Coupling Agent
Micro Fabrication of Au Thin-Film by Transfer-Printing Using Atomic Diffusion Bonding
Recognition of Transient Environmental Sounds Based on Temporal and Frequency Features
Gap Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network and Adaptive Control in Robotic Plasma Welding
Unrelated Parallel-Machine Scheduling with Maintenance Activities and Rejection Penalties for Minimizing Total Cost
Effects of Blade Tip Profile on In-Plane Tensile Properties of Wedge-Notched Polypropylene Sheet
New Magnetic Abrasive Finishing for Alumina Ceramic Plane Using Alternating Magnetic Fields
Ridge-Texturing for Wettability Modification by Using Angled Fine Particle Peening
Concentric Mutual Lapping to Improve Sliding Surface Function of SiC Ceramics
Mirror Finishing of SiC by UV-Assisted Constant-Pressure Grinding
Effects of Water Supply Using Ultrasonic Atomization on the Working Life of MCF Slurry in MCF Polishing
Visualization of Stress Distribution by Photoelastic Method Under Ultrasonic Grinding Condition
Improvement of the Form Accuracy of a Slender Workpiece in Cylindrical Traverse Grinding
Automating the Mold-Material Grinding Process
Special Issue on Advanced Abrasive Process Technologies
Machine Tool Assignment Realized by Automated NC Program Generation and Machining Time Prediction
Formal Tools for Management of Manufacturing Systems: A Multi Agents System Approach
Improved Method for Synchronizing Motion Accuracy of Linear and Rotary Axes Under Constant Feed Speed Vector at End Milling Point – Investigation of Motion Error Under NC-Commanded Motion –
Generation of a High-Precision Digital Elevation Model for Fields in Mountain Regions Using RTK-GPS
Changes in Surface Roughness Caused by Electrical Discharge Coating
Effects of O2 Fine Bubbles on ELID Grinding Using Conductive Rubber Bond Grinding Wheel
Studies on Eco-Friendly Grinding with an Extremely Small Amount of Coolant – Applicability of Contact-Type Flexible Brush-Nozzle –
Micro-End-Milling with Small Diameter Left Hand Helical Tool for High Quality Vertical Wall Machining
Machining Process for a Thin-Walled Workpiece Using On-Machine Measurement of the Workpiece Compliance
Ball Burnishing of Mg Alloy Using a Newly Developed Burnishing Tool with On-Machine Force Control
Improvement of Reverse Motion of an NC Moving Table Based on Vector Control Method by Friction Force Compensation
Thermal Characteristics of Spindle Supported with Water-Lubricated Hydrostatic Bearings
Effect of CAD/CAM Post Process on S-Shaped Machining Test for Five-Axis Machining Center
Improvement of Simultaneous 5-Axis Controlled Machining Accuracy by CL-Data Modification
Tool Orientation Angle Optimization for a Multi-Axis Robotic Milling System
Special Issue on the Latest Machine Tool Technologies and Manufacturing Processes
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2019
Influencing Factors on Rotate Vector Reducer Dynamic Transmission Error
Determination of the Efficiency of the Operation Mode of Nonflowing Installation for Electroactivation of Water and Aqueous Solutions
Compensation for Thermal Deformation of a Compact Lathe in Cutting Operations Using a Coolant Fluid with Temperature Measurements at a Few Specific Points
Universal Design Considering Physical Characteristics of Diverse Users
Riding Motion Capture System Using Inertial Measurement Units with Contact Constraints
Development of Human Tongue Model for Mealtime Assistant Training Using Oral Care Simulation Model
An Interactive Endotracheal Suctioning Simulator Which Exhibits Vital Reactions: ESTE-SIM
Associating 2D Sketch Information with 3D CAD Models for VR/AR Viewing During Bridge Maintenance Process
Developing a Support System for Loading Planning
Estimating 3D Position of Strongly Occluded Object with Semi-Real Time by Using Auxiliary 3D Points in Occluded Space
Designing Haptics: Improving a Virtual Reality Glove with Respect to Realism, Performance, and Comfort
Special Issue on Augmented Prototyping and Fabrication for Advanced Product Design and Manufacturing
Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Spindle System with Ball and Active Magnetic Bearings for Quadrant Glitch Compensation During End Milling
Promotion of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Towards Innovative Manufacturing Process: Case Study of New Hybrid Coating Process
MPCC-Based Set Point Optimisation for Machine Tools
Using Ultraprecision Machining to Fabricate LED Packaging Exhibiting High Luminous Intensity
Effective Neighborhood Generation Method in Search Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

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