Estimation of Die Release Force of JIS-ADC12 Aluminum Alloy Die Castings Manufactured Through High-Pressure Die Casting via Computer Simulation
Customized End Milling Operation of Dental Artificial Crown Without CAM Operation
Oscillating Finish Grinding of CFRP with Woven Metal Wire Tool Utilizing Plunger Pump Pulsation
Restraint of Voids Generated Inside Injection Molded Products by In-Mold Pressing Method
Influence of Various Conditions on Quality of Burnished Surface in Developed Roller Burnishing with Active Rotary Tool
Development and Evaluation of a Low-Energy Consumption Wearable Wrist Warming Device
Extraction of Rotational Surfaces and Generalized Cylinders from Point-Clouds Using Section Curves
Dynamic Analysis of Abrasive Filaments in Contact with Different Workpiece Geometries
Modelling of Material Removal in Abrasive Flow Machining
Monitoring of Rotational Vibration in Tap and Endmill Processes with a Wireless Multifunctional Tool Holder System
Effect of Crystal Structure on Fabrication of Fine Periodic Surface Structures with Short Pulsed Laser
Mechanical Property and Microstructure of the Vitrified-Bonded Ti-Coated CBN Composites
Special Issue on Precision Abrasive Technology of Difficult-to-Machine Materials
Strategies for the Leftover Food Treatment Process: A Case Study of Convenience Store Deli-Style Food Products in Taiwan
Green Product Preferences with Respect to Cultural Influences: Empirical Study in Indonesia
Proposal for the Design of Personalization Procedure
Disassembly Reuse Part Selection for Recovery Rate and Cost with Lifetime Analysis
A Lifecycle Simulation Method for Global Reuse
Forecasting Life Cycle CO2 Emissions of Electrified Vehicles by 2030 Considering Japan’s Energy Mix
Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award & Best Review Award 2018
Orientation Compensation of an Inchworm Stage with Optical Navigation
Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Extrusion of Metal Powder Suspension for Additive Manufacturing
One Action Press Forming of Helix Bevel Gear by Using Multi-Cylinder Press and Die Heating System
Scribing Characteristics of Glass Plate with Ground PCD Scribing Wheel
Machinability of Thermo-Plastic Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic in Inclined Planetary Motion Milling
Precision Forming and Machining Technologies for Ceramic-Based Components
Nesting Scheduling in Sheet Metal Processing Based on Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm in Different Environments
Improvement of Transfer Durability of a Pillar-Shaped Release-Agent-Free Replica Mold in Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography
Investigation of Strain Hardening in Aluminum Alloy Sheared Sheet Based on Microhardness Measurement and FEM Analysis
Square Layout Four-Point Method for Two-Dimensional Profile Measurement and Self-Calibration Method of Zero-Adjustment Error
Motion Accuracy Enhancement of Five-Axis Machine Tools by Modified CL-Data
Milling Process Monitoring Based on Vibration Analysis Using Hilbert-Huang Transform
Special Issue on Progress of Manufacturing Technology
Error Estimation of Machined Surfaces in Multi-Axis Machining with Machine Tool Errors Including Tool Self-Intersecting Motion Based on High-Accuracy Tool Swept Volumes
Highly Dynamic Spindle Integrated Magnet Actuators for Chatter Reduction
Simulation-Based Dimensioning of the Required Actuator Force for Active Vibration Control
Model-Based Installation of Viscoelastic Damper Support for Reduction of Residual Vibration
Development of an Active Damping System for Structural Chatter Suppression in Machining Centers
Adaptive Active Vibration Control for Machine Tools with Highly Position-Dependent Dynamics
Efficient Static and Dynamic Modelling of Machine Structures with Large Linear Motions
Special Issue on Active and Passive Vibration Damping in Machine Tools
Friction Reduction by Micro-Textured Surfaces in Lubrication
Prediction of the Tensile Thermal Stress Generation Conditions for Laser Irradiation of Thin Plate Glass with Forced Cooling Based on the Plane Stress Model
Angle Detection Using a Continuously Rotating Gyro for Large Scale Profile Evaluation – Reversal Measurement for Eliminating Gyro Drift –
Mirror Surface Machining of Steel by Elliptical Vibration Cutting with Diamond-Coated Tools Sharpened by Pulse Laser Grinding
Filter Design of Adjusting Common Phase for Vibration Suppression Control of Multi-Degree-of Freedom System
Consideration of Tacit Knowledge Sharing by Automation for Reinforcement of Human Abilities: Empirical Comparison of Conservation Techniques Between Japan and Denmark
Visualization of Acquisition Experience in Sternal Compression Maneuver Using Kinect Sensoring: For Co-Creation of Medical Technique Experiential Values
Skill Extraction from Nursing Care Service Using Sliding Sheet

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