Development of an Injection Mold Capable of Melt Flow Control and Induction Heating and Cooling
On-Machine Estimation of Workpiece Deformation for Thin-Structured Parts Machining
Development of High-Speed Processing Method to Evaluate Elastic Deformations of Workpieces
Estimation Method of Machining Error on Low Rigidity Workpiece for Tool Posture Planning
Analysis of Cutting Force in Elastomer End-Milling
Study on Ball End Milling of Inclined Surfaces for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Mini Special Issue on Machining of Deformable Parts
Transfer-Print of CNTs and its Application to Cell Scaffold
Influence of Early-Stage Hydrolysis on Tensile Fracture Behavior of HAp/PLA Composites Interface-Controlled by Reaction Control Utilizing Photodissociable Protecting Groups
Effect of Cooling Stimulus on Collection Efficiency of Calf Chondrocytes Cultivated on Metal Surface
Formation of Hydroxyapatite Layer on Ti–6Al–4V ELI Alloy by Fine Particle Peening
Effects of Adhesives on Reliability in Interfacial Strength Evaluation Method for Plasma-Sprayed Hydroxyapatite Coating
Observation of Apatite Formation on Titanium Plate and Bone Surfaces in Electric Stimulation
Examination of a Low-Profile Spinal Implant
Three-Dimensional Observation of Microstructure of Bone Tissue Using High-Precision Machining
Surface Microfabrication of Conventional Glass Using Femtosecond Laser for Microfluidic Applications
Fundamental Study on Addition of Osteoconductivity to Titanium Alloy Surface by EDM
Precision Machining of Sintered Zirconia Ceramics by High-Speed Milling
Special Issue on Biomedical Applications
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2017
Study on CAM Software for Additive Manufacturing with FDM Method
Prevention of Material Deterioration in ECM of Sintered Carbide with Iron Ions (2nd Report)
Integrated Assessment of ‘Green-Lean’ Production
Dual-Wavelength Digital Holography Based on Phase-Division Multiplexing Using Four Wavelength-Multiplexed Phase-Shifted Holograms and Zeroth-Order Diffraction-Image Suppression
Time-Resolved Oblique Incident Interferometry for Vibration Analysis of an Ultrasonic Motor
Using Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Analyze Flow Rate Distribution Near a Channel Surface
Three-Dimensional Reconstruction by Time-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Microscope with Improved Measurement Range
Design and Testing of a Micro Thermal Sensor for Non-Contact Surface Defect Detection
A Simulation Study of Plasmonic Substrate for In-Process Measurement of Refractive Index in Nano-Stereolithography
Measuring the Moisture Content of Pulp Injection Molded Products with Terahertz Waves
Cutting Tool Edge and Textured Surface Measurements with a Point Autofocus Probe
A Novel Particle Sizing Method for Nano Abrasives in CMP Slurry by Using Fluorescent Nano Probe
Development of Removal Amount Estimation Method Based on Calculation of Elastic Deformation of Superabrasive Stones During Multistage Superfinishing of Sapphire
Micro Tool Diameter Monitoring by Means of Laser Diffraction for On-Machine Measurement
High-Precision Aspheric Surface Measurement Using Scanning Deflectometry: Three-Dimensional Error Analysis and Experiments
Warp Measurement for Large-Diameter Silicon Wafer Using Four-Point-Support Inverting Method
Surface Profile Measurement Based on the Concept of Multi-Step Division of Length
A Study of Mechanism of Bi-Directional Measurement Influenced by Material on Dimensional Measurement Using X-Ray CT
Fabrication of Ultra-Small-Diameter Optical-Fiber Probe Using Acid-Etch Technique and CO2 Laser for 3D-Micro Metrology
Re-Evaluation of Calibration and Measurement Capabilities of Pitch Calibration Systems Designed by Using the Diffraction Method
High-Accuracy Absolute Length Measurement Using an Optical-Comb Pulsed Interferometer: Verification of Coordinate Measuring Machines
Special Issue on Intelligent Measurement for Advanced Production Engineering
Line-Based Planar Structure Extraction from a Point Cloud with an Anisotropic Distribution
Analysis and Control of Pouring Ladle with Weir for Sloshing and Volume-Moving Vibration in Pouring Cut-Off Process
Technological Development of Fluid Control Within Metal Mold for Application to Family Mold of Resin Part
Development of Ultralow-Cost Machine Vision System
1/N Machine System for the Lean Factory
Application of Green and Lean Production at Ricoh
Development of Energy-Saving Machine Tool
Reducing the Energy Consumption of Machine Tools

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