High-Efficiency Milling of Steam Turbine Blade
An Optimization of Energy-Efficiency in Machining Manufacturing Systems Based on a Framework of Multi-Mode RCPSP
A Surface Normal On-Machine Measuring Method Using Eddy-Current (EC) Sensor Array
Fabrication of High Aspect Ratio Silicon Nanostructure with Sphere Lithography and Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching and its Wettability
Fabrication of Stacked Layers of Fine Particle Assembly Aiming at Wavelength-Selective Reflection
Laser Fabrication of Jagged-Shaped Stainless Steel Microneedle Imitating Mosquito’s Maxilla
Fabrication of Stainless Steel Microneedle with Laser-Cut Sharp Tip and its Penetration and Blood Sampling Performance
Increased Productivity for Redundant Laser Scanners Using an Optimal Trajectory Separation Method
Effect of Different Solvents on Cu Micropatterns Formed via Femtosecond Laser Reduction Patterning
Whole Quenching of Small Thin Plate with Low-Power Semiconductor Laser Based on Feed-Speed Combination Problem
Properties of Photopolymer Part with Aligned Short Ferromagnetic Fibers
Micro-Welding of Glass Substrate by YAG Laser – Effects of Substrate Temperature –
Deposition Conditions for Laser Formation Processes with Filler Wire
Minimizing Burrs and Defects on Microstructures with Laser Assisted Micromachining Technology
Improvement of Machining Performance of Small-Diameter End Mill by Means of Micro- and Nanometer-Scale Textures
Characteristics of Spatter in Micro-Drilling of Metal Sheet by Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser
Experimental Analysis of Glass Drilling with Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
Technical Review of Laser Materials Processing in Japan
Special Issue on Laser Machining
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award & Best Review Award 2016
MDPRE Solution for Drilling Rig Sticking
Development of a Surface Roughness Measurement System in a Narrow Borehole
3D Model Reconstruction System Development Based on Laser-Vision Technology
High Efficiency Machining for Integral Shaping from Simplicity Materials Using Five-Axis Machine Tools
Fabrication of Metallic Nanodot Arrays Using Nano-Chemical Stamping Technique with a Polymer Stamp
Development of New Complex Machining Technology for Single Crystal Silicon Carbide Polishing
Miniature Drilling of Chemically Strengthened Glass Plate Using Electroplated Diamond Tool
Influence of Workpiece Materials on the Characteristics of the Layers by Electrical Discharge Coating
In-Process Tool Wear Detection of Uncoated Square End Mill Based on Electrical Contact Resistance
Influence of Tool Run-Out on Machining Accuracy with Multi-Tooth Endmill
Wheel Life and Cutting-Edge Wear in Mirror-Grinding Using a Coarse-Grained cBN Wheel Treated by Microdressing
Automated Design of Image Recognition Process for Picking System
Strategies for Developing Milling Tools from the Viewpoint of Sustainable Manufacturing
Machine Tool Energy Efficiency – A Component Mapping-Based Approach
Vision-Based Execution Monitoring of State Transition in Disassembly Automation
Simultaneous Evaluation of Environmental Impact and Incurred Cost on Selection of End-Of-Life Products Recovery Options
Upgradable Design for Sustainable Manufacturer Performance and Profitability and Reduction of Environmental Load
Robust Design of System of Systems Using Uncertainty Assessment Based on Lattice Point Approach: Case Study of Distributed Generation System Design in a Japanese Dormitory Town
Mini Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Automatic Control and Simulation of an Overhead Crane’s Travel System
Ultra-Low-Frequency Vibration Assisted Machining of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy
Fabrication and Control of Fine Periodic Surface Structures by Short Pulsed Laser
Designing Multi-Agent Simulation with Big Time Series Data for a Global Supply Chain System
Ultraprecision Cutting of Nickel Plated Mold for X-Ray Mirror
Age of Compensation – Challenge and Chance for Machine Tool Industry
A Spherical Motor Driven by Electro-Magnets Based on Polyhedrons
3-DOF Outer Rotor Electromagnetic Spherical Actuator
Concept of Inflatable Outer Wheel Rover for Exploration of Lunar and Planetary Holes and Subsurface Caverns
Excitation of Surface Acoustic Wave on a Glass Substrate Using a LiNbO3 Piece
Surface Acoustic Wave Excitation Using a Pulse Wave

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