An Integral Method to Determine Workpiece Flow Stress and Friction Characteristics in Metal Cutting
Kinematics Analysis of a Novel 5-DOF Hybrid Manipulator
Edge-Based Quadrilateral Mesh Fitting Using Normal Vector Diffusion
Detection of Contact Point of Parts Using a Force Sensor for Remote-Controlled Assembly Using a 1DOF Haptic Device
A Low-Profile Planar Motion Table System Driven by Steel Belt
Identifying the Benefits of Fiber Reinforced Plastics for Their Use in Machine Tool Structures
Development of Desktop Machine Tool with Pipe Frame Structure
Development of Technology for Creating Composite Materials of Machine Tool
A Newly Developed Multi-Axis Controlled Turning Machine Equipped with a Swing Type Turret Head
Development of New Spindle Cooling Technology That Concentrates Cooling Near Front Bearing
Analysis of the Coupled Vibration Between Feed Drive Systems and Machine Tool Structure
Support Placement for Machine Tools Using Stiffness Model
Mini Special Issue on Machine Tool Structure and its Design Optimization
Micro Imprinting for Al Alloy Using Ni-W Electroformed Mold
Laser Modification of Silicon and Borosilicate Glass Wettability for Micro-Fluidic Systems
Characteristics of Ti-Ni-Zr Thin Film Metallic Glasses / Thin Film Shape Memory Alloys for Micro Actuators with Three-Dimensional Structures
Fabrication of Microneedle Mimicking Mosquito Proboscis Using Nanoscale 3D Laser Lithography System
Reverse Lift-Off Process and Application for Cu-Zr-Ti Metallic Glass Thick Film Structures
Effects of Grain Size on the Groove Depths in Microlaser Cutting of Austenitic Stainless Steel SUS304
Efficient Fabrication Process of Metal Nanodot Arrays Using Direct Nanoimprinting Method with a Polymer Mold
Error Measurement and Calibration in Developing Virtual-Reality-Assisted Microassembly System
Fabrication Process of Antimony Telluride and Bismuth Telluride Micro Thermoelectric Generator
Special Issue on Micro-Nano Materials and Processing
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2015
Development of a Wide-Range Precision Positioning Sensor Based on Image Analysis of Diffracted Light
Detection of Human Position and Motion by Thermopile Infrared Sensor
Investigation into Chemical Mechanical Polishing Mechanism of Hard-to-Process Materials Using a Commercially Available Single-Sided Polisher
Development of Dimensional X-Ray Computed Tomography
High-Speed Measurement of Complex Shaped Parts at Elevated Temperature by Laser Triangulation
Property Evaluation of Eccentric Astigmatic Method to Apply Micro Tactile Probe
Calibration Using Cylindrical Artifacts for 3D Laser Measurement System
Calibrator for 2D Grid Plate Using Imaging Coordinate Measuring Machine with Laser Interferometers
Study on Nanoparticle Sizing Using Fluorescent Polarization Method with DNA Fluorescent Probe
CMM Dynamic Properties of the Scanning Measurement of a 2D Profile
Simple Interim Check of Measuring Performance for X-Ray Computed Tomography Used as Coordinate Measuring System
Optical Measuring and Laser Technologies for Scientific and Industrial Applications
3D Image Formation in Transmitted Partially Coherent and Incoherent Light Applied to Dimensional Inspection
Calibration of Invar Angular Interferometer Optics with Multi-Step Method
Moiré Techniques Based on Memory Function of Laser Scanning Microscope for Deformation Measurement at Micron/Submicron Scales
Development of First Production Flaw Detecting System for On-Demand Repair of Large-Scale Circuit
Automatic Recording Absolute Length-Measuring System with Fast Optical-Comb Fiber Interferometer
A MOEMS Accelerometer Based on Diffraction Grating with Improved Mechanical Structure
Determination of Aspect Ratio Limitations, Accuracy and Repeatability of a Laser Line Scanning CMM Probe
Special Issue on Laser Metrology for Precision Measurement and Inspection in Industry
Stereo Camera System with Digital Image Correlation Method for Accurate Measurement of Position and Orientation of Positioning Stage
Advanced Control Strategies for Active Vibration Suppression in Laser Cutting Machines
Micro Drilling Simulation of Ultra-Short Pulsed Laser Ablation of Glass
Effect of Surface Property on Transfer-Print of Au Thin-Film to Micro-Structured Substrate
Development of Online Real-Time Collision Free Machining Using Simulation with CNC Openness
Water Repellency Control of Oxygen-Free Copper Surface by Diamond-Cut Micro Grooves

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