Development of a Non-RigidMicro-Scale Cutting Mechanism Measuring the Cutting Force Using an Optical Lever
Modeling of Process Mechanisms in Pulsed Laser Micro Machining on Lithium Niobate Substrates
Adaptive Integral-Type Neural Sliding Mode Control for Pneumatic Muscle Actuator
Research on the Form Recognition of Fabric Products: Acquiring the Shapes of Flat, Limp Materials
Improvement of Chip Evacuation in Drilling of Lead-Free Brass Using Micro Drill
Development of a Novel Linear Magnetic Actuator
Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics to Examine Influence of Process Parameters on Ultrasonic Machining
Dynamic Thermoelastic Behavior in Sheet Glass Generated by Pulsed Laser Irradiation Using a One-Dimensional Model
Tool Failure Mechanism in High-Speed Milling of Inconel 718 by Use of Ceramic Tools
Sensorless Tool Stiffness Monitoring in Buffing
Elliptical Vibration Cutting of Hardened Steel with Large Nose Radius Single Crystal Diamond Tool
Analysis of Measured Friction of Rolling Balls in Raceway Grooves
Finished Surface Simulation Method to Predicting the Effects of Machine Tool Motion Errors
Tool Motion Control Referring to Voxel Information of Removal Volume Voxel Model to Achieve Autonomous Milling Operation
Mini Special Issue on Machining Control and Process Monitoring
Fundamental Study on Hole Fabrication Inside a Hole by Means of Electrical Discharge Machining
Deformation Analysis of Silicone Rubber Sheet Subjected to Keen WC Blade Indentation
Fabrication of Patterned Ag and Au Inverse Opal Structures Through Repeated Self-Assembly of Fine Particles
Analyzing the Sustainability of Bimetallic Components
Energy Efficiency Improvement of Water Hydraulic Fluid Switching Transmission
Fuel Operated Heaters Applied to Electric Vehicles
Green Modular Design by the Concept of Chemical Activation Energy
Toward a Pattern Language for Eco-Business Design
Route Search and Evaluation Method Including Charging Plan for Electric Vehicles
An Actual Purchasing Experiment for Investigating the Effects of Eco-Information on Consumers’ Environmental Consciousness and Attitudes Towards Agricultural Products
A Study on How Investors Decide on Socially Responsible Investments: Classification of Investment Behavior According to Companies’ Environmental Activities
In the Loop – Sustainable, Circular Product Design and Critical Materials
Simulating the Formation of Urban Mines Considering the Rational Decisions of Distributed End-of-Life Stakeholders
Challenges and Opportunities of Lean Remanufacturing
Envisioning Sustainable Manufacturing Industries of Japan
Analysis of Energy Consumption Patterns and Climate Effects Using Panel Data
Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2014
A Generalized Architecture for Academic and Industrial Automation and Control via Internet
Basic Properties of Fixed Abrasive Polishing by Alumina Abrasive Grain for Si Wafer – Effects of Actual Contact Area and Grain Size –
Study on Underwater Dual-Laser Structured-Light System for ROV Guiding
Statistical Analysis for Evaluating Surface Roughness of Plane Honing
Surface Topography of Mini-Size Diamond Wheel in Ultrasonic Assisted Grinding (UAG)
Effect of Discharge Duration and Pulse Frequency on Surface Characteristics Using Whirling Electrical Discharge Texturing
Contributions of High-Speed Cutting and High Rake Angle to the Cutting Performance of Natural Rubber
Method to Control Manufacturing Cell by Driving Simulation Model
Feasibility Study on Design of Spindle Supported by High-Stiffness Water Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing
Fabrication and Composition Control of Three-Dimensional Dielectric Metal Microstructure Using Photocatalyst Nanoparticles
Thermally Caused Location Errors of Rotary Axes of 5-Axis Machine Tools
Development of an Innovative Power-Assist Omni-Directional Mobile Bed Considering Operator’s Characteristics
3-Step-Calibration of 3D Vision Measurement System Based-on Structured Light
Grinding a Hard-to-Grind Materials with Ultrasonic-Assisted Fluid
Monitoring and Adaptive Process Control of Wire Electrical Discharge Turning
Methods to Measure Wire Deflection in Wire EDM Machining
Use of 1DOF Haptic Device for Remote-Controlled 6DOF Assembly

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