A Framework for Systematizing Machine Tool Engineering
Generation of Regularly Aligned Dimples on Triangular Pyramidal Patches Using Patch Division Milling
Temperature Measurement in CFRP Milling Using a Wireless Tool-Integrated Process Monitoring Sensor
Product Identification by Machined Micro Patterns
The Characterisation of Energy Consumption in Manufacturing Facilities – A Hierarchical Approach
Fabrication of Titanium-Based Hard Coatings by Atmospheric Microplasma-Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Titanium Tetraisopropoxide
An Electrostatic Force Probe for Surface Profile Measurement in Noncontact Condition
Development of a Micro-Sized Thermal Contact Sensor for Inspection of Surface Defects
Development of Non-Destructive Technology for Detecting Grinding Burns
Development of Transfer System for Micropress
Mold Pattern Fabrication by Nanoscratching
Ultraprecision Glass Molding Press for Microgrooves with Different Pitch Sizes
Development of Finishing System Using Acoustically Levitated Abrasive
Mirror Surface Finishing of Silicon Wafer Edge Using Ultrasonic Assisted Fixed-Abrasive CMP (UF-CMP)
Development of an Ultrasonically-Assisted Electrolytic Grinding System
Study on the Mechanical Properties of Lithium Tantalate and the Influence on its Machinability
Machining of Acrylic Resin Using Monocrystalline Diamond Endmill with Cutting Edges Formed by Focused Ion Beam
Characteristics of Thick Film Deposition in Powder Jet Machining
Fabrication of Microstructures on RB-SiC by Ultrasonic Cavitation Assisted Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining
Material Removal During Ultrasonic Machining Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Special Issue on M4 Processes Micro/Meso Mechanical Manufacturing
Development of a System for Measuring the Thickness of Free Curved Plates – Measurement Posture Planning Using C-Space –
Influence of the Anode Material and the Flushing Gas on the Dry Electrical Discharge Machining Process
Optimal Scheduling of Automatic Guided Vehicle System via State Space Realization
Decrease of Thermal Expansion of Ball Screw Used for Precision Positioning Devices by Peltier Module Cooling Based on Feedback Method
Development of Shock-Wave-Powered Actuators for High Speed Positioning (Second Report: Characteristics of Diaphragmless Shock Tube and Responsiveness of Actuator)
New Method Using Piezoelectric Jerk Sensor to Detect Roller Bearing Failure
Reduction of Thermal Deformation in a Motor Precision Positioning Device Cooled by Peltier Elements
Design of a Semi-Oval Shaped Ultrasonic Motor
Fundamental Study of the On-Machine Measurement in the Machining Center with a Touch Trigger Probe
Cross Coupling Controller for Accurate Motion Synchronization of Dual Servo Systems
Spindle Error Motion Measurement Using Concentric Circle Grating and Phase Modulation Interferometers
Pneumatic Servo Bearing Actuator with Multiple Bearing Pads for Ultraprecise Positioning
Contact-Type Profile Measuring Device Using Laser Interferometry System Incorporating Hybrid Actuating System
Effect of Multilayering on Thrust Force Characteristics in Compact Linear Switched Reluctance Motors with a Simple Layer Structure
Sensing and Control of Friction in Positioning
Special Issue on Precision Positioning Technology
Congratulations! Best Paper Award & Best Review Award 2013
Dynamic Response Analysis of Passive Wireless Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Strain Sensors Used for Force Measurement in Turning
Modeling the Process of Animation Production
Influence of Tungsten-Carbide and Cobalt on Tool Wear in Cutting of Cemented Carbides with Polycrystalline Diamond Tool
Drilling of CFRP/Ti6Al4V Stack Board
Influence of Gap Phenomenon on Various Kinds of Powder-Suspended EDM
The Use of Machine Tool Internal Encoders as Sensors in a Process Monitoring System
Surface Roughness Control Based on Digital Copy Milling Concept to Achieve Autonomous Milling Operation
Fast Cutter Workpiece Engagement Estimation Method for Prediction of Instantaneous Cutting Force in Continuous Multi-Axis Controlled Machining
Fabrication of Thin-Film Fresnel Optics by Combining Diamond Turning and Photolithographic Processes
Adaptive Cutting Force Control with a Hybrid Axis System
Special Issue on Process Machine Interactions
Development of a Tactile Sensor to Measure Tire Friction Coefficients in Arbitrary Directions

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