Factory Tour of Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.
Micro Hole Piercing for Ultra Fine Grained Steel
Motion Planning Method for Two Stacker Cranes in an Automated Storage and Retrieval System
Development of Inspection Machine that Detect Small Particles Added on Surface with Precise Pattern by Capturing Backwards Scattered Polarized Light
Workpiece Fixture Planning Method for Continuous Multi-Axis Machining with Consideration of Motion on Translational Axis
Application of Automated Context-Based DSS for Determining CNC Machining Parameter
Trends in Industrial Automation and Academic Initiatives in the Philippines: Assessment and Analysis of Mechatronics-Enabling Technologies, Skill Set Demands, and Academic Relevance
A Multiple Level of Detail Approach to the Tactical Movement Problem
Analysis of 3 Dimensional Micro Plastic Deformation Phenomenon Using Indentation Method
Development of an Intelligent Stage with Sensor-Less Cutting Force and Torque Monitoring Function
Fast Detection of Chatter in End-Milling Using Pseudo Auto-Correlation Function
Analysis of Measurement Errors of a Diffuse-Reflection-Type Laser Displacement Sensor for Profile Measurement
Computer-Aided Operation Planning for an Actual Machine Tool Based on Updatable Machining Database and Database-Oriented Planning Algorithm
Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Controlled Machining with Consideration of Structural Interference
High-Efficiency Machining Strategy for Non-Uniformly Shaped Workpiece Using On-Machine Measurement
Toolpath Generation Method Based on Control Characteristics of Machine Tool for High-Speed and High-Accuracy Machining
Accuracy Evaluation of 5-Axis Machining Center Based on Measurements of Machined Workpiece – Evaluation of Accuracy of 5-Axis Controlled Machining Center –
Real-Time Cutting Force/Torque Prediction During Turning
Repeated Positioning of a Pneumatic Cylinder with Enhancing Use of Proximity Switches
Contour Tracking of Soft Sheet Materials Using Local Contour Image Data
Tool Posture Planning Method for Continuous Multi Axis Control Machining with Consideration of Shortening Shank Length of End Mill
Cutting Path Design to Minimize Workpiece Displacement at Cutting Point: Milling of Thin-Walled Parts
Electroless Nickel Plating Technique for Depositing a Nano-Scale Layer
Additive Manufacturing in the Context of Hybrid Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Low-Cost 3D Printing of Controlled Porosity Ceramic Parts
Residual Stress and Deformation After Finishing of a Shell Structure Fabricated by Direct Metal Lamination Using Arc Discharge
Development of CAM System Using Linear Servo Motor to Automate Metal Hammering – A Study on Forging-Type Rapid Prototyping System –
Synthesis of Porous Titanium with Directional Pores by Selective Laser Melting
Reducing Weld Line by Heating Mold Surface with Heater Embedded by Laser Metal Sintering
Design Method for Inner Structure of Injection Mold Fabricated by Metal Laser Sintering
Permeability Performance on Porous Structure of Injection Mold Fabricated by Metal Laser Sintering Combined with High Speed Milling
Direct Fabrication of IC Sacrificial Patterns via Rapid Prototyping Approaches
Special Issue on Rapid Prototyping
Congratulations! Best Paper Award 2012
A Study of Nanometric Surface Generation on Tungsten Carbide Using a Micro Polycrystalline Diamond End Mill
High Precise Milling Process by cBN End Mills
The Relation Between Mirror Surface Machining and Transcription Accuracy in the Nano Range – Molded Surface Transcription Through Accurate Mirror Surface Mold –
Improving the Properties of Reinforced Plastics Using the Resin Flow Control Method of Molding – Evaluation of Sealing Performance of Molded Plastic Parts –
The Influence Capitalize of Properties Improvement for Reinforced Plastics by Resin Flow Control Molding Method
Special Issue on Die and Mold Technology
Development of Hybrid Hydraulic Excavators
3D Tube Forming and Applications of a New Bending Machine with Hydraulic Parallel Kinematics
Proposal of a Mechanism to Restrict Pressure Change by Oil Temperature Change
Flow Analysis in Pipe of a Manifold Block
Bubble Elimination from Working Oil for Environmentally Friendly Hydraulic System Design
A Method of Designing and Fabricating Mckibben Muscles Driven by 7 MPa Hydraulics
Concept of a Focus-Tunable ECF Microlens and Fabrication of a Large Model Prototype
An ER Microactuator with Built-in Pump and Valve
Analysis of Velocity Control Performance and Energy Recovery Efficiency of Water Hydraulic Fluid Switching Transmission
Development of Cam-Drive Type Proportional Valve for Water Hydraulics

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