Improvement of Human Tracking in Stereoscopic Environment Using Subtraction Stereo with Shadow Detection
Gyroscopic Stabilization of a Self-Balancing Robot Bicycle
Virtual Force Field Based of Force-Feedback of Road Condition for Driving Assistant Design in Electric Vehicle
Communication Robot Based on Image Processing and Voice Recognition
Three Dimensional Attitude Control of an Underactuated Satellite with Thrusters
Special Issue on Mechatronics
Compact USB Camera-Based Navigation Device with Repetitive Compensation of Input Signals for Omnidirectional Inchworm Robot
Feed Drive Simulator
Use of AR / VR in Micro Manipulation Support System for Recognition of Monocular Microscopic Images
Optical Analysis of an Optical Probe for Three-Dimensional Position Detection of Micro-Objects
Development of a High-Speed and High-Accuracy Machining System Based on Servo-Data Control – Evaluation of Prototype System –
Design of Motion Accuracy Measurement Device for NC Machine Tools with Three Displacement Sensors
Clearance Adjustable Impact Damper for Flexure Mechanism
Sub-Nanometer Resolution Positioning Device Driven by New Type of Linear Motor with Linear Ball Guideways – Considering Time Lag of Electric Control System –
Prototype of Manipulator for Micro Objects Employing AZARASHI (Seal) Mechanism as Mobile Platforms
Modelling and Control of Flexure Mechanism Driven by Electromagnetic Linear Motors for Ultraprecise Continuous Path Positioning over a One-Millimetre Stroke
Trajectory Control of Pneumatic Servo Table with Air Bearing
Practical and Intuitive Controllers for Precision Motion: AR-CM NCTF Control of Ball Screw Mechanism
Development of Shock-Wave-Powered Actuators for High Speed Positioning
Study of a Precision Pneumatic Positioning Device Using PZT Dither
Numerical Investigation of Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Water Hydrostatic Porous Thrust Bearings
Questionnaire Survey on Ultra-Precision Positioning
Special Issue on Precision Positioning Technology
Factory Tour of the Ashikaga Plant of Hamai Co., Ltd.
Comparison of Pose Correspondence Methods of Master-Slave Manipulators for Neurosurgical Robotic Systems
Tool Posture Planning Method for Continuous 5-Axis Control Machining on Machine Tool Coordinate System to Optimize Motion of Translational Axes
Development of an Interactive Assistance System for Machine Tool Structure Design Considering of Sliding Joint Damping
Design of a Six Degree-of-Freedom Tripod Parallel Mechanism for Flight Simulators
Development of On-Machine Measurement System Utilizing Line Laser Displacement Sensor
Flexible Process Planning Method for Milling
Measurement and Decapsulation of IC Molding Resin Using YAG Laser for Failure Analysis
Instability Phenomenon in Dip-Coating Process for Self-Assembly of Fine Particles and Design Countermeasures
Compensation of Thermo-Dependent Machine Tool Deformations Due to Spindle Load Based on Reduced Modeling Effort
A Compressed Annealing Approach with Pre-Process for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem with Time Windows
A Higher-Order Formula of Path Interval for Tool-Path Generation
A Decision Support System for Capturing CNC Operator Knowledge
Gait of Quadruped Robot Including Positioning Control Using Linear Visual Servoing
Motion Planning of Biped Robot Equipped with Stereo Camera Using Grid Map
Drop-on-Demand Printer for Micro Ion-Selective Electrode Fabrication
Ink Droplet Position Compensation Based on Extended State Observer
Development of Flexible Sensors for Measuring Human Motion and Displacement of Novel Flexible Pneumatic Actuator
Congratulations! Best Paper Award 2011
Drive of Piezoelectric Actuators Using an Electrical Depoling Process
A Study on Semi-Active Magnetic Bearing Position-Controlled by Piezoelectric Actuators
Hybrid Control for Machine Tool Table Applying Sensorless Cutting Force Monitoring
A Knowledge-Based Model for Capturing and Managing the Knowledge of CNC Operators for Integrating CAM-CNC Operation
Linear Visual Servoing-Based Control of the Position and Attitude of Omnidirectional Mobile Robots
Quantitative Performance Analysis of Exoskeleton Augmenting Devices – Muscle Suit – for Manual Worker
Development of Variable Stiffness Colonoscope Consisting of Pneumatic Drive Devices
Theoretical Comparison of McKibben-Type Artificial Muscle and Novel Straight-Fiber-Type Artificial Muscle

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